AJE Aragón - 25th Anniversary: Innovation as a firearm

AJE Aragón - 25th Anniversary: Innovation as a firearm

AJE Aragón - 25th Anniversary

Last Tuesday, January 20, took place in the Patio de la Infanta, the gala of the 25th Anniversary of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Aragon. During this gala, we had the pleasure to participate not only as members of the association, but we attended as entrepreneurs. In addition, we were able to see the result of the work that, from DeuSens we did for them: "The present and the future of AJE Aragón".

This work consisted of a video in which the present of AJE Aragón was presented by several members of the Executive Committee Board. They were leading personalities within the Aragonese business scene. It included the functions performed by each of them in AJE Aragón, and their wishes for the future.

This video also reflected the objectives of AJE Aragón. The aim was to achieve more sustainable and flexible companies that play an important role in society. AJE also sought to promote continuous training and networking. In addition, they seek to value entrepreneurship within society.

It is a dynamic, transparent society and always at the forefront of new technologies.

In search of entrepreneurship

During the ceremony conducted by the presenter Jorge San Martín, a round table was held on the figure of the young entrepreneur, as well as on the regional and national panorama of the business sector. It was attended by former presidents of the association, who also dedicated a few words to the young entrepreneurs of Aragon.

Among these people were the President of the Autonomous Community, Luisa Fernanda Rudi, the Ministers of Economy, Francisco Bono, and Industry, Arturo Aliaga, and the Secretary General of CEAJE, Fermín Albaladejo. One of the highlights was the talk "Personal Branding". This was especially inspiring, given by the publicist, creative director, writer and television collaborator, Risto Mejide. In it we were able to enjoy the knowledge of one of the most fashionable men of the national scene.

The gala closed after the presentation of awards in the business field. From that moment on, we were able to enjoy good Aragonese wine accompanied by important figures of the Community.

Happy 25th anniversary.


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