Alice AR

Alice AR

Alice AR

Alice AR
The App that democratises Augmented Reality

Alice AR is an APP that uses Augmented Reality technology to visualise products in real space, enhancing the marketing process and facilitating sales.

Alice AR's vocation is the democratisation of Augmented Reality as a commercial tool. Any business, from SMEs to multinationals, will have access to this technology, without the need to invest in customised development.

"Facilitates the closing of sales by displaying products in the right context and environment."

Augmented Reality as a commercial tool

Alice AR is the perfect solution for many commercial teams whose products are difficult and expensive to transport, are not yet manufactured because they are bespoke, or simply handle large product portfolios.

The 3D models of the products are true-to-scale recreations, giving users a perfect visualisation of what the final product will look like. Thanks to this technology, your customers will be able to appreciate, in detail, all the products in your catalogue.

Alice AR allows companies to break the uncertainty of not being able to see the real product prior to purchase. The visualisation of the products in the real environment reduces uncertainty during the purchasing process, enhancing the product and your brand and differentiating you from the competition, thus increasing sales.

"The personalised tool at the service of the business to make the sale a simple and effective transaction".

Main advantages of Alice AR

  • Technological democratisation:

    We make augmented reality a technology that is simple to implement and within the reach of any company.

  • Sales optimisation:

    We boost commercial work through a new way of communicating with customers.

  • Self-management platform:

    We achieve cost savings by avoiding introducing intermediaries and allowing independent administration.

  • Customisable tool:

    We offer the possibility of adapting and customising the tool to the needs and corporate image of the companies.

"Versatile, intuitive and easy to use, its possibilities are extremely high in many aspects."

Alice AR applications

  • Retail:

    Show your industrial machines to customers or partners.

  • Home decor:

    Decorate a room from scratch.

  • Hospitality and food service:

    Visualize the commercial proposals of your suppliers.

  • Industrial:

    Show your industrial machines to customers or partners.

  • Digital signage:

    Design the configuration of your digital signage.

  • Other sectors:

    Get closer to the future, how to do it? We help you.

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