Alice Assistant

Alice Assistant

Alice Assistant

Alice Assistant
The virtual avatar capable of communicating in a natural way.

Alice Assistant is a virtual assistant that, through pre-designed Artificial Intelligence, can hold human conversations in real time to help and guide customers, solve their doubts or even participate in other monitoring processes.

A chatbot with natural language processing, specifically designed to be able to assist and attend to people in certain situations without the need for qualified physical personnel at all times.

"The use of Artificial Intelligence is driving the human-machine communication revolution".

A new way of communication using Artificial Intelligence

We make use of pre-designed AI that is then customised to adapt it to a specific area of knowledge, so that Alice Assistant can act in any possible scenario whatever the context.

This solution allows us to create conversational interfaces at points of sale and other physical locations, websites, mobile applications, IoT devices, etc., through which Alice Assistant can interact with users both through voice and text.

In addition, Alice Assistant is fully customisable. Both the aesthetic appearance of its avatar, its clothing and even the entire look and feel of the visual interface are fully adaptable to the brand's colours or corporate image.

"We custom design every aspect of the virtual assistant to adapt it to your needs".

Key benefits of Alice Assistant:


    Attends and assists users without the need for staff on a constant basis, reducing costs without reducing the quality of care.


    Both the aesthetics of the avatar and the look and feel of the interface can be customised.


    As a predefined AI, Alice Assistant can learn any information with which it is pre-programmed.


    It favours the capture of data about users by knowing their interests and needs based on the use of the tool.

"A versatile and efficient tool that takes advantage of the infinite possibilities of technology".

How can Alice Assistant help you?

Alice Assistant is designed to assist anyone at events and trade fairs, retail outlets, public spaces, hospitals and clinics or even gyms and sports centres.


    We prepare Alice Assistant to have the necessary knowledge to solve any doubt about your business to your customers, at the point of sale, at events, in stands or anywhere else you need it.


    Alice Assistant can help users undergoing rehabilitation processes in hospitals or clinics, supervising the performance of their daily routine and showing the correct performance of exercises, giving indications without the need for human personnel.


    In gyms and other sports centres, Alice Assistant can be programmed to help users with their sports routines by providing useful and interesting information about the exercises to be performed and giving tips or advice, as well as supervising the correct performance of the routine.


    At monuments and places of interest or at information points, Alice Assistant can perform the work of a guide, telling visitors the history and curiosities of the place and providing interesting facts that reinforce the visitor's experience, without the need for a physical guide.


    Alice Assistant becomes the number one flag bearer of your brand, being the perfect company to give notoriety and represent your business or project. Introduce it in your communication strategy by placing it in your offices, promotion points or anywhere else you need it.

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