The definitive solution to dynamise events and campaigns.

The FunMirror is an interactive photocall that uses Augmented Reality to introduce 3D elements in real space, through its camera and screen, allowing the user to take photos, videos, play mini-games or even pose with celebrities.

A solution that represents a new way of introducing technological innovation in activities such as events and fairs, marketing actions or places such as stands or points of sale, with the aim of being a key and differentiating element for the success of brands.

"The FunMirror surprises the public by making them live a unique experience associated with the brand".

The use of gamification as a new way of connecting with the public.

Our FunMirror puts the focus squarely on the public, captivating them and bringing them closer to the brand, as it is fully customisable with the company's corporate image, in a context that is more comfortable and less invasive for the user.

An ideal technological solution to break the pattern of traditional communication, generating an entertaining, unforgettable experience that users will want to share with their family and friends both in person and through social networks.

It is a tool that is as intuitive as it is surprising, attracting the attention of the public with its spectacular visual section and also being very versatile as it is possible to modify and personalise the elements that are shown on screen thanks to Augmented Reality. This makes it very adaptable to any type of project, whatever the context.

"The equation that combines creativity, technological innovation and viralisation on social networks".

Discover the advantages of FunMirror

  • Interaction with 3D elements:

    The use of Augmented Reality allows users to take pictures of themselves with costumes and accessories, celebrities and even play mini-games.

  • WOW effect:

    Our FunMirror is a generator of gawkers who are blown away when they discover its functionalities.

  • Total customisation:

    Both the external aesthetics and the look and feel of the interface and functionalities are customised to measure, integrating logos, colours, products, or other aspects related to the brand.

  • Adaptable to different formats:

    The FunMirror is available in different shapes and sizes, being able to choose the option that best suits the client's needs.

  • Content viralisation

    Users will be able to share the content generated by the FunMirror, giving visibility to the brand and achieving viralisation on RRSS.

  • Information ACcquisition:

    It favours the capture of leads by means of a form necessary to access certain FunMirror functionalities.

"Without a doubt, this is the technological evolution that will replace traditional photocalls".

FunMirror applications:

  • FunMirror Standard:

    We introduce virtual elements in the photographs of the public through the use of Augmented Reality.

  • FunMirror Celebrities:

    We make the public's dream of having their photograph taken with their favourite celebrities and celebrities come true.

  • FunMirror Gaming:

    We turn the photocall into an interactive game that will attract the attention of young and old alike.

Where to use it?

  • Fairs and events:

    Perfect for a trade fair stand or event reception.

  • Marketing actions:

    Endows marketing campaigns with a new creative element.

  • Point of sale:

    Attracts extra attention and visibility to the products on display.

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