Hispack 2015: HMY Group in search of an immersive experience

Hispack 2015: HMY Group in search of an immersive experience

Between April 21 and 24, HMY Group attended the International Packaging Fair (Hispack) in Barcelona. The objective was to establish its position in the market and introduce new strengths on which to remain among the elite. On that occasion, they presented the Virtual Hyper Experience HMY Group This consists of content generated entirely in 3D by computer, and in 360º, for virtual reality glasses.
Virtual Reality for HMY at Hispack 2015


HMY Group at Hispack 2015

The International Packaging Show, Hispack 2015 is one of the EU's leading trade platforms for the food and beverage industry. It is an event that takes place every three years.

HMY Yudigar was present for the first time with the aim of boosting its POP, events and technology Division. It unveiled the innovative solutions developed by this division to energize the point of sale:

  • Temporary and permanent fixtures: displays, cross selling, product highlighting, displays.
  • Events in&out store: brand promotion, product launches, activations. ...
  • RFID technology applied to POS for stock control, product presence, brand impact, recommendations...

To complete HMY Yudigar's wide portfolio of products and services, visitors to the stand could live a unique experience. Through it, they could see the great emotional impact that a well-developed promotional campaign at the point of sale has on the shopper.

They enjoyed "creativity". That is, creativity turned into reality. This is one of the concepts most valued by the leader in design, manufacture and installation of equipment for commercial spaces.

Hispack 2015 concentrated materials, technology, processes, logistics and solutions for the manufacture and use of all types of containers and packaging, as well as POS elements.

Virtual Reality Hyperexperience

In addition, thanks to virtual reality glasses, visitors could live an immersive first-person experience. This consisted of a roller coaster on which you could ride and go through an endless number of POS.

The use of new technologies and innovation positioned Yudigar as a creative company at the forefront of technology. Grupo HMY achieved the immersive experience it was looking for: the Hyperexperience. It more than achieved the objectives set before attending the fair.

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