TECSMEDIA Day at ITAINNOVA: betting on technology

TECSMEDIA Day at ITAINNOVA: betting on technology

ITAINNOVA, the Technological Institute of Aragon, wanted to celebrate the first TECSMEDIA conference to highlight the use of the latest technologies. Speakers from different companies participated in the event, and we were among them. We were in charge of creating Hyperexperiences.


Presence of VR in TECSMEDIA

Last Tuesday, June 24, ITAINNOVA held at its headquarters in Zaragoza the first of the TECSMEDIA 5ed conferences. Through this MediaVR conference, the aim was to raise awareness of the influence that Virtual Reality could have on the branding strategies of companies.

Thus, the main objective was to provide the most global vision possible of the possibilities of VR in marketing and brand strengthening.



This day developed by ITAINNOVA was attended by leading experts in the field who presented their vision of VR. Some of them were:

  1. Manuel Montes, Chief Creative Officer of Havas Worldwide Spain.
  2. Tommie Ferreras, Photography director, filmmaker and audiovisual producer.
  3. Gustavo Roldán, Postproduction Director of La Bicicleta.
  4. Jorge Mora, technology journalist at Heraldo de Aragón.


The first presentation was given by Manuel Montes. In it he presented different projects developed for clients, in which Virtual Reality was the central element. In addition, he also took the opportunity to provide the keys to communicate, using these technologies as a basis.

Thanks to this, attendees were able to learn about the impact that VR is having on:

  • The strengthening of the brand.
  • The generation of new business models.

Following the block of interventions, Tommie Ferreras and Gustavo Roldán presented the different possibilities of technical means that exist and their rapid evolution. In their presentation they explained the joint work they have done with the dance company Now Dance for the realization of a stereoscopic VR 360º contemporary dance spot,

Both addressed the technical challenges involved in the realization of this type of project. They stressed that the main challenge was to offer their clients high quality content in production and post-production of 360º VR pieces.

After a short break, Jorge Mora explained the importance of VR in the media. In addition, he showed some of the pioneering experiences that are being developed, telling stories in 360º from the everyday to the extraordinary.

In his presentation he also delved into the possibilities of Virtual Reality as a new narrative and visual method of "immersive" character.

Finally, Miguel Ángel Gracia explained the advantages of Virtual Reality applied at the point of sale, showing some success stories.

By creating immersive experiences in the physical store, the shopping process is made completely different and enriching.

DeuSens presentation: Hyperexperiences in VR

In this innovation day, DeuSens also had its space to tell and expose some of our Hyperexperiences.

In this presentation, our partners Guillermo Zaragozano and Álvaro Antoñanzas exposed our evolution. In addition, they talked about how to design Hyperexperiences (virtual, augmented, 360º, digital).

They explained the advantages of introducing the public in any space, whether real or virtual, and make them live unique and memorable moments. The main advantages achieved through these Hyperexperiences are:

  • Powering the brand of its customers
  • Reinforcing the prestige of the brand so that it permeates deep into the memories of consumers.

DeuSens at TecsMedia 2016

The day aroused great interest among the attendees, who were satisfied by the quality of the presentations and the level of the speakers.


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