This is not a box: Presentation at VII ADEA Convention

This is not a box: Presentation at VII ADEA Convention

Vertigo Hyperexperience at the VII Convention of ADEA

On Wednesday, November 30, the VII Convention of ADEA, the organization of Directors and Executives of Aragon, took place. In it, we participated for the second year as sponsors/collaborators and had an exhibition stand. In addition, we created a Virtual Hyperexperience called Vertigo Hyperexperience that managed to become the center of attention.

We started with an installation designed ad hoc for the occasion, called "This is not a box". A clear reference to the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte. Apparently, it consisted of four white walls. On them, visitors donned HTC Vive virtual reality goggles to immerse themselves in the Hyperexperience.


What happened at the VII ADEA Convention

The day lasted all day, from 8:30 in the morning until late in the evening. The VII Convention of ADEA had as its theme "Aragón Logística: El impulso del e-commerce". Talks were held on logistics and land management, the evolution and prospects of e-commerce and international positioning in the world of logistics. In addition, there were parallel conferences on basic computer security for SOHO environments, the evolution of advertising in the 75 years of El Corte Inglés, and on entrepreneurship.

As in each edition, the ADEA Awards were also presented, awards that confirm the good work of Aragonese entrepreneurs in different categories. As always, the day was accompanied by coffee breaks, lunches and an inevitable final agape with good wine and canapés. A great edition, all things considered.

stand DeuSens at adea convention


What happened inside The Box?

More than 100 people entered The Box and were able to feel the risk of the Vertigo Hyperexperience created for the occasion together with our collaborator Pedro Santero. There were gullible. There were skeptics. But they passed... my goodness, they passed. They entered The Box and, if some had their legs shaking, others had their smiles trembling. It was a great experience. We gathered feedback from users to keep improving, moving forward to someday reach total Hyperexperience.

Welcome to Hyperexperience!


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