Virtual Reality Glasses for all budgets | Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality Glasses for all budgets | Google Cardboard

The virtual reality glasses are the easiest and cheapest option to start experimenting with virtual reality. These are cardboard virtual reality glasses that can be found on the market for as little as two euros. It is logical to think that the properties and qualities that have these glasses have nothing to do with other glasses. However, they are glasses designed for those who want to try the world of virtual reality. Probably, once you have tried this one, you will really get into this world. Plus, you'll want to adopt others of higher quality and precision.

cardboard virtual reality goggles

To make use of these cardboard virtual reality glasses, all you need is a smartphone on which you can run applications and games, or play virtual reality content. With only the mobile device and these simple glasses, you are in hands to start experimenting with numerous apps and games available on Google Play. Cardboard has several models. Some of these are Google Cardboard and Cartonglass.


Advantages and disadvantages of Cardboard virtual reality glasses

The most important advantage is the price. With only two euros you can access this type of goggle. In addition, now, some brands give them away with the purchase of some of their products. See the case of Nesquik. Another advantage to highlight is the fact that there is an immense amount of content. Content that allows you to enjoy these experiences from the very first moment. And, finally, is that we only need a smartphone to be able to live virtual experiences.

There are many advantages, but also disadvantages. The main one is the quality of the experience. It is not quite good, it could only be described as decent. Another disadvantage is that being such a basic goggle the dependence on the smartphone is total, including the tracking of our head or motion detection.

On many occasions it does not get to immerse you in the contents. Therefore, many qualify it more as a way to "see" content in virtual reality. And finally, these glasses are not the most suitable for use for many minutes. Sensations of dizziness or nausea may appear during sessions in virtual worlds.

There are many advantages and disadvantages that these glasses have. If you just want to try what the world of virtual reality is all about they are a good alternative. You will like it and you will end up buying others of higher quality.

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