The infinite possibilities of the virtual world at your fingertips

As specialists in Extended Reality applied to the development of immersive experiences for companies, our vision was always set on the Metaverse, and now it is a reality.

The creation of virtual environments combines art, gamification, design, creativity and technology in the same place with the aim of providing brands and companies with new channels of communication, interaction, sales and loyalty with their public.

We provide you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to help you introduce your brand into the Metaverse, in the most appropriate way for your audience and objectives, or even creating your own virtual environment tailored to your project, unique and inimitable.

"For years the concept of the Metaverse seemed impossible, until now".

Alive and interactive virtual worlds

The fundamental appeal of the Metaverse is to bring the gaming experience to social platforms, commercial and museum environments...Freedom of action, movement, communication and exploration is the essence that new users are essence that new users are looking for in their online experiences.

The Metaverse, in synthesis, consists of having a replica of the real world; without the ties and constrictions of the real world. 

At DeuSens, we have created our own technology to develop 3D virtual environments, combined with tokenization and blockchain for the creation of unique Hyperexperiences. 

  • Evolution:

    The Metaverse is posed as the next step of interplanetary communication and what we know today as the internet, is going to change completely.

  • From the 2D web to the 3D environment:

    Within the Metaverse, companies will be able to virtualise their facilities, offices, shops or any other space, allowing other users to visit them no matter where they are in the real world.

  • Product Placement:

    Position and launch your products in an environment with a digital traffic of thousands of people without costs of transport, licenses, degradation, stock... and sell them!

  • Blockchain and NFTs:

    Offer your customers and users the possibility to buy and own unique assets of your brand that may or may not have a physical translation to the real world.

  • Unique global actions:

    The expansion of this new immersive experience will generate new unique Metaverse activities and events in which companies and brands can actively participate.

  • Interactive V.S. Passive:

    Through the use of virtual avatars, any person in the Metaverse can interact with all other users, allowing companies and brands to communicate freely and specifically target each individual user.

"Any reality is now possible through the virtual world".

Create your own virtual environment or join a community

The Metaverse is a purely online environment and there are a multitude of 3D environments with different

For this reason, we support you throughout the whole process, helping you to find the virtual environment that best suits you or even creating a new one from scratch, completely adapted to your needs and the experience you want to bring to the public.

  • Re-Imagine:

    We help you conceptualise what your brand's presence in the Metaverse should look like.

  • Co-Create:

    We develop with you, the entire user experience based on your objectives.

  • Design:

    We develop the 3D environment completely customised under your look&feel.

  • Program:

    We completely create any interaction, activity or gamification for the user.

  • Experiment:

    We create the tokenisation system to offer rewards to the user based on their merits.

"The Metaverse has driven a revolution equivalent to the advent of the Internet".

Why enter the Metaverse?

Thanks to the explosion of the gaming world over the last 20 years, gamified entertainment has captured today's generations.

  • Play To Earn:

    Reward your user with TOKENS: a reward system redeemable for cryptocurrencies or physical product/service.

  • Complete traceability

    Completely record the entire user journey in your virtual environment.

  • Success measurement:

    Measure, analyse and conclude the reach of your campaign thanks to reward systems.

  • Lead acquisition:

    The Metaverse is the perfect showcase to capture new customers and add them to your digital funnel.

Do you want to join the Metaverse revolution? We'll help you!