Interactive Tech

Interactive Tech

We introduce the latest interactive technologies into companies, creating hyper-experiences that optimise marketing processes and enhance our clients' brand image.

"We create high-level experiential technological content".

Business consulting

We work with companies from all types of sectors; therefore, a fundamental part of our work consists of understanding your sector, your business and your customers.


Providing great experience is the genetic pillar that supports all our projects; the starting point from which all developments are born.


Our degree of specialisation and experience in interactive technologies allows us to be agile and adapt very quickly to more complex developments.

We were one of the first companies in Spain to be born with the aim of bringing Extended Reality to the business world.

We grew and evolved at the same time as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality did, and together with them, we explored how to take advantage of their maximum potential for numerous clients.

Today, we continue to develop tailor-made hyper-experiences for all types of verticals, with the same passion as the first day.

The evolution of DeuSens was to realise that what made our company truly unique was "the interactive", being able to turn the user into the protagonist and give them a much richer and memorable experience thanks to technology.

This is how we began to take the HyperExperience to all kinds of formats, both offline and online, being able to develop projects in showrooms, points of sale, industry 4.0, web environments, ecommerce, events, shows and a long etcetera.

Either because it is a great means of dissemination with which to bring technology to the end user or because of its direct link to interactive technologies; the development of custom Apps has always been a very important part of DeuSens.

Throughout our history we have developed Apps for industrial companies, the automotive industry, the food and beverage sector, the real estate sector, tourism...

We create Apps aimed at both the end consumer and internal use applications, from gamified Apps for packaging to management Apps for sales teams of large multinationals. Whatever your need is, we are sure we can solve it with an App.