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Decentraland Foundation is the non-profit organization in charge of overseeing and ensuring the proper functioning of Decentraland, the 3D virtual platform with the greatest impact today and whose governance is decentralized based on the Ethereum blockchain.


Create the first influencer mansion in the Metaverse and explore the creative possibilities of Decentraland's virtual environment.



The first influencer mansion in the Metaverse

The growth of Decentraland, both in the number of users and in the content developed within the platform, has not stopped since the virtual platform was launched in February 2020. And this is largely due to the work of the users themselves and of the Decentraland Foundation, which in this case sought to continue generating new content for the community through the creation of the first influencer mansion in the Metaverse.
This mansion, developed entirely by the DeuSens team, was realized in a large LAND of 9 plots that allowed us to provide the building with multiple rooms and customized spaces in which any successful influencer could develop their daily life. In this way, the mansion has 3 floors, roof terrace and even a VIP area in the basement.

What could they find inside the mansion?

Starting at the entrance, users were met with a modern-style foyer hall that led into the game room and pool chillout area.
Up the stairs, users reached the second floor where they could find a gallery of NFTs and a recording room. Using the stairs again, users reached the third floor where they could find several rooms equipped with a gaming setup and different styles of decoration.
Finally, using the elevator that could be found on the second floor, users accessed the rooftop where they could enjoy the party dancing on the dance floor, with DJ area included, and even climbing on the spectacular futuristic Ferris wheel.

Exploring the creative possibilities of Decentraland

Thanks to this project the team was able to further explore the creative possibilities that Decentraland undoubtedly offers to companies and brands betting on entering the virtual world.
Despite having done more constructions in Decentraland previously, this was the first project in which we had access to a 9-plot LAND, with less space and height limitations to build, allowing us to test new creative options and introduce new functionalities and interactions that we had not been able to explore so far.
Some of these features and interactions introduced were as follows:
  • Synchronized video playback on multiple screens.
  • Creation of music machine with ability to select between different audio tracks.
  • Integration of NFTs with Open Sea and possibility of purchase from within the platform.
  • Design of wearables and objects for the avatar and integration into the Decentraland marketplace.
  • Creation of secret room with automated user access limitation.

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