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Springfield works with a team of more than 2,000 people who take care of the design, manufacture and sale of the garments down to the last detail, which has led it to become an internationally recognized brand occupying a leading position in the textile sector.


Define and execute Springfield's first approach to the Metaverse, developing its first virtual fashion collection in Decentraland and Roblox.



The Metaverse and the fashion industry

The fashion industry has found in the Metaverse new possibilities to connect with new generations of consumers. A new place in which to capture the attention of new customers, hold corporate events, show and sell their physical products, and even open new business avenues through the commercialization of digital assets.
For this reason, it is not surprising that many brands in the industry are approaching this new virtual ecosystem to discover its possibilities and experiment with them. A good example of this is this project for Springfield in which the fashion brand took its first step into the virtual world.
Working in constant collaboration we were responsible for providing our technological know-how to define Springfield's first approach to the Metaverse, specify the strategy to follow for this action and design and develop the necessary elements in the virtual world to carry it out.

Springfield in the Metaverse: Decentraland and Roblox

Springfield's first project in the Metaverse was based on 3 main pillars:
  • The construction of the virtual 3D environment made in Decentraland, dressed and customized with the look & feel of the brand.
  • The design and creation of wearables for its first virtual fashion collection in Decentraland.
  • The adaptation of that first collection created for the Roblox environment.
The design of the Springfield Metacollection, naming thus the first exclusive Metaverse collection launched by Tendam's casualwear firm, was modeled in 3D by the DeuSens team, inspired by a real Springfield clothing collection but modified and adapted to the more modern and futuristic aesthetics of the Metaverse.
Through this project, users of both Roblox and Decentraland were able to purchase these designed virtual garments and use them to dress their 3D avatars, noting that in the case of Decentraland purchases, the users themselves acquired exclusive ownership of the product in the form of NFT.

Generating business in the virtual world

Thanks to our business and technology expertise applied to the virtual world, we offer the most specialized service in the realization of projects in the Metaverse; initial consultancy to set the direction of the project, choice of the ideal virtual environment for the client, design and complete development of the experience within the Metaverse and even viralization among the public through influencer campaigns.
If you are thinking of introducing your company or brand within the Metaverse and you are looking for professionals to help you make it possible, in DeuSens we support you in every phase of the project, helping you to make your investment profitable and maximize your benefits within the virtual world!

If you need specialists to develop the project you have in mind, we can help you!

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