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GRANDES VINOS is one of the leading wineries in the Cariñena P.D.O., an area with a millenary winemaking tradition, where the great variety and diversity of landscapes that make up its large vineyard stand out. With an international, innovative and creative approach, they market different brands for different consumer segments, with outstanding quality and outstanding value for money.


To develop an innovative project that offers a memorable drinking experience that breaks the boundaries of what is traditionally expected from a bottle of wine.


Interactive Solutions

Innovation with generative AI in the wine industry

The wine sector has always been seen as a classic and conservative sector. Faced with this reflection on the part of society, Grandes Vinos decided to swim against the tide and demonstrate that innovation in the wine sector was essential to continue boosting its business.

Thus, they once again relied on DeuSens Hyperexperience to implement a new technology in their marketing process. After doing it in the past with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, this new joint project put in value the potential of Artificial Intelligence to enhance the distribution of its brand "El Circo".

Interactive narrative in web format

The solution consisted in developing an interactive website, through which we allowed to live an experience around the consumption of "El Circo" wines. Upon accessing the website, the user was greeted by a virtual avatar, generated with AI and customized to suit the aesthetics and qualities of this range of wines.

This virtual avatar was in charge of narrating the history of the winery highlighting the elements that made the creation of its exceptional wines possible, having a multi-language configuration to adapt to the different export markets of Grandes Vinos.

After this first narration by the virtual avatar, the user had to select between different grape varieties and artistic styles. Through this decision tree, the web was able to process the user's preferences and generate a unique customized video prompt based on the circus environment and the user's choices of grape variety and artistic style.

Finally, using generative AI, the website was able to generate a unique video for the user that they could save to their gallery or share directly on their social media profiles.

At the forefront of marketing and commercialization

Once again, Grandes Vinos demonstrated what it means to be pioneers and, once again, to be at the forefront in the use of new interactive technologies. In this case, by internalizing the use of Artificial Intelligence, not only through the solution developed, but also by seeking the direct involvement of its own employees.

This is how, again using generative AI, we were also in charge of transforming Grandes Vinos employees into the characters of the wine variety "El Circo", creating an algorithm that interpreted the original image of the employees and generated new images of them interpreting a circus character, keeping their face and facial features fully recognizable.

The use of these images of the employees in mail signatures and social network profiles, gave a new dimension to the Grandes Vinos campaign, demonstrating that its commitment to boost its marketing and commercialization processes through AI was firm and convinced.

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