Virtual Reality for the Hospitality Industry | Hyperexperience in Aura Restaurant




Aura Restaurant, a design hotel complex located in the most emblematic area of Zaragoza, with privileged views of the Water Tower or our beloved Basilica del Pilar. An incomparable setting in which to celebrate events and ceremonies, with a team prepared to provide high quality services.


Create a 360º video production to convince potential clients by showing them what their dream event would be like.


Inmersive Technologies

Virtual Reality applied to the hospitality sector

Hospitality, that great professional sector so lived, felt and enjoyed in Spain. In it converge, not only small bars and restaurants, but also the large spaces in which we love to celebrate events, meetings, communions, weddings, etc. It is these large spaces that need to show something that has not yet happened: the dream event that each person wants to celebrate.

For this reason, why not include technology in this process? Technologies such as Virtual Reality or 360º video are perfect for this, as they manage to fully introduce the user into the action of the event, anticipating the experience they want to live, with the aim of facilitating the decision of those who are looking for a space where to celebrate a special moment.

A specific example made for Aura Restaurant

In this project, which we carried out for Aura Restaurant in 2015, we managed to introduce the user in the most immersive way possible in the celebration of a wedding in the large enclosure of the restaurant. How did we do it? Using 360º video technology, through which we were able to record the ceremony from various positions and in all possible angles, getting the user to rotate the camera in any direction and feel as if he were inside the event.

This type of content managed to be of interest both for the establishment where the event was held, serving as immersive advertising in which the viewer could appreciate its facilities and imagine their future event in that place, and for the organizers and attendees, who obtained a different and innovative content with which to remember the best moments lived during the celebration.

Facilitates the dissemination of an unforgettable moment

In addition, one of the great advantages of introducing this technology in the planning of events and celebrations, was the subsequent dissemination that could be achieved by using the generated content. For example, this type of content, which can be made both in Virtual Reality and 360º video, could be viewed on multiple platforms such as social networks or on Youtube, using a Smartphone or even using Virtual Reality glasses.

Whichever option was chosen, its impact was always spectacular and far superior to that of any other traditional audiovisual production, managing to surprise everyone who saw it, due to the innovation that this type of technology provided.



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