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CIEM Zaragoza is a business incubator promoted by the City Council of Zaragoza and managed by Grupo Init. It is one of the most innovative business incubators, being a pioneer in Spain in accelerating startups with an impact on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.


Dynamize the celebration of the tenth anniversary of CIEM Zaragoza and allow participants to take home a special souvenir of the event.


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Celebration of the tenth anniversary of CIEM Zaragoza

On September 23rd our colleagues Álvaro Monzón and Alejandro Gracia represented the DeuSens team at the celebration of the tenth anniversary of CIEM Zaragoza, the Zaragoza City Council incubator managed by Grupo Init. An event that commemorated its 10 years supporting, promoting and accelerating, not only entrepreneurs, but the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem of the city.

The illusion to be present at the event was twofold, first to continue to see the CIEM community grow, of which we will always feel part as it was for two years our home, and secondly to make available to attendees the Hiperexperiencia with our interactive photocall, FunMirror.

FunMirror, the interactive photocall to dynamize events

Our interactive photocall, FunMirror, was once again the soul of the party and the center of attention. So much so that few, if any, were those attending the event who missed the opportunity to stand in front of it and get their souvenir in the form of a commemorative photo. Both young and old, as families and entire groups of friends, posed in front of the FunMirror wearing their own virtual costumes.

In this particular case, the interactive photocall was designed to show up to 6 virtual costumes at a time, which through Augmented Reality and body recognition technologies were superimposed on each of the people posing in front of the FunMirror.

In this way, up to 6 people could take a picture together wearing the virtual costumes prepared for the occasion, among which could be found some such as a sumo wrestler, a biker, a Hawaiian, or a basketball player, for example.


The solution created to share good moments

Our interactive photocall, FunMirror, was devised as the ideal solution to celebrate, commemorate and share good moments, both in person and online.
For this reason, the FunMirror has been designed to give the user the possibility to save and display the photographs taken in several different ways, for example; scanning a QR code that allows you to download the photo on your Smartphone, entering your email address to receive it in an email, redirecting to your social networks to share it directly on your profile, or even printing them on paper if configured for this purpose.
It is also a very interesting feature for companies and brands, allowing them to introduce their corporate image in all the snapshots taken and achieve greater visibility organically through the content that users share by displaying the photos.

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