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Ática Redex works every day with the aim of becoming the first and leading European provider of specialized services for distributors of industrial, agricultural and construction machinery. The purchasing center currently has more than 70 associates and an aggregate sales volume of more than 243 million euros.


To carry out the first virtual convention in its sector, positioning itself as a pioneer company in this field.


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Innovation in the material handling sector

Ática Redex, a leading company in the distribution of industrial, agricultural and construction machinery, held its annual convention for associates from all over Europe in 2021 in the virtual world through our Online Events platform. The, still in force at that time, restrictions due to the health crisis caused by the covid-19, made it impossible for Ática Redex to organize in person its convention, which brings together, on an annual basis, more than 70 partners, suppliers and collaborating companies from all over Europe.
For this reason, after looking for different alternatives to avoid having to suspend it, they decided to join the innovation and use our Online Events platform to move this great event, from the physical world to the virtual world, with the help of the DeuSens team. A pioneer bet in its sector, since, the realization of this Online Event, meant the creation of the first Virtual Congress at European level organized by a company in the maintenance sector, in this case, by Ática Redex.

Spaces of the Online Event made for Ática Redex

Due to the magnitude of this great event, the DeuSens team focused its efforts on maximizing the experience of all attendees. To this end, the creation of the spaces was tailor-made, adapting them to the colors and corporate image of Ática Redex.
In this case, the Online Event had a welcome hall, which users accessed after logging into the platform and which in turn also served as a networking area, in which users could hold conversations with other attendees through the 3D audio system, which allows talking through the microphone and headphones of each user, only with people who are close enough, just like in real life.
The Online Event also had a booth room, where 24 companies had their own booth, dressed in their corporate image and colors, and where they could show videos, product sheets and even organize and schedule meetings with other attendees. Finally, the most important room of the Online Event was the auditorium, where attendees were able to enjoy 6 different presentations given by industry professionals.

The keys to a successful Online Event

Creating a memorable experience for all attendees of each event has always been the first premise on which the creation of our Online Events has been based. In this case, once again, allowing Ática Redex to connect with its more than 70 associated companies and to carry out its annual convention, which would have been impossible to do in person, in a new and functional way, was the main objective of the DeuSens team.
Finally, the virtual convention of Ática Redex gathered 165 attendees from all over Europe, with an average attendance of 85% during the two days of the Online Event. In addition, all of them were able to enjoy the event freely, by using their own customizable virtual avatar, which allowed them to move around the different virtual spaces, visit the stands, attend the presentations and interact with the rest of the attendees with total freedom.

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