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SOMOS is a group of event and strategic communication agencies whose quality and excellence is backed by more than 30 years of experience connecting brands with people. Its commitment to forming a multidisciplinary team brimming with creativity, innovation and collaboration has allowed it to generate unique experiences for brands and companies of the caliber of Repsol, as in this case.


Reimagine the second edition of the Repsol Technology Trends Summit to move it to the Metaverse, allowing users to experience the event also from Decentraland.



Corporate presence in the Metaverse

Before the imminent celebration of the second edition of the Repsol Technology Trends Summit, the multinational energy company took advantage of the great opportunity to enter the Metaverse for the first time with the aim of giving greater visibility to the event as well as capture and attract new audiences, making Decentraland users could enjoy it from within the virtual environment itself and also improving its digital brand positioning.
Thus, Repsol placed its trust in the professionalism of the SOMOS Experiences team, who trusted DeuSens Hyperexperience to carry out this ambitious project that marked a milestone within the company, being the first time that Repsol had a corporate presence within the Metaverse.
This is how, as a result of this collaboration, Repsol was able to hold its event also within the virtual world, specifically in a virtual recreation carried out in the environment of Decentraland.

Design and development of the virtual plot in Decentraland

The action, conceptualized by the SOMOS Experiences team, was also developed in the virtual plot of Decentraland owned by the agency. In it SOMOS Experiences designed a futuristic recreation of the Repsol auditorium. For our part, from DeuSens we were in charge of developing the interactions that Decentraland users could find in the plot where the event took place.
Among the interactions to be carried out in the Decentraland plot used for this action, users could watch the streaming of the real event live from inside the Metaverse, discover informative and corporate content about Repsol, participate in a mini-game of platforms with educational purposes and even leave their signature in a log book that accredited that they were present in this first Repsol event in the Metaverse.
One of the great attractions of the developments was the integration of a virtual assistant in the form of a robot, which welcomed users who approached the Repsol plot and provided them with information and indications on the most interesting actions that could be carried out there.
An interesting way to innovate and reinforce the user experience, managing to translate and transfer the engagement of what could be a physical event but in a digital way in the virtual world.

Technology and innovation, pillars of the strategy

Brands and companies like Repsol demonstrate that being at the forefront of innovation and betting on the latest technological advances that year after year are emerging, is not a matter of fashion or trend, but a necessity that intrinsically becomes a key pillar of its strategy to grow and continue with the development of the business.
The digital presence of brands and companies seems, in the near future, as an essential aspect, as important or maybe even more than the physical presence, in the strategy of corporate positioning they want to carry out. And for this reason, knowing the possibilities offered by technology and making the right use of it at all times is essential to be able to take advantage of the new trends that are emerging.
Despite the fact that we are still laying the foundations, the Metaverse already represents an opportunity for companies and brands. A great opportunity to grow, to gain visibility, to approach new audiences and in new formats and to position themselves at the forefront of what is to come in the future.

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