The Experience of Quality | Virtual Reality at Cevisama 2019




A company specializing in the manufacture of extruded stoneware and high-performance porcelain stoneware. Its experience of more than 75 years can be seen in its products, visible in the facades of residential buildings, industrial paving or even in the construction of swimming pools.


To show the most important milestones in the history of the brand, as well as to present and interact with its products, in an immersive way through the use of Virtual Reality.


Inmersive Technologies

Innovation, a basic pillar of Gres Aragón

We can observe the existence of companies that do not conform and always seek to be one step ahead of the rest. They are brands destined to shake up and renew the business panorama, seeking to have the most innovative technological tools, the result of which can unleash a wave of unprecedented change. This is the case of Gres Aragón which, once again, has sought to count on our Hiperexperiencias to boost communication in its stand for Cevisama 2019, in its quest to become a leading and pioneering brand in its sector.
Gres Aragón wanted to attend Cevisama 2019, the international ceramics, bathroom and natural stone trade fair, with a groundbreaking and disruptive proposal.The objective? To convey the paradigm shift that the company has experienced in recent times, with a very clear commitment to technological innovation, differentiation and the desire to be one step ahead within its sector. How do we achieve this? By developing a powerful Virtual Reality solution.

Virtual Reality with HTC Vive Pro

At its stand, Gres Aragón included a Virtual Reality Hyperexperience, to which not all the public had access. Exclusively, customers and companies were able to enter a universe destined to totally change their perception of the sale of stoneware.
One by one, visitors to the stand put on the VR glasses, HTC Vive Pro, and instantly began the journey, going from being in the large Cevisama pavilion, to enter the antechamber of the revolution of their senses: the virtual world. Thus, once the language was selected, the Hyperexperience began through two totally different but complementary scenarios. Story and game united to transfer and enhance the brand value.

Journey to the depths of Gres Aragón

In order to capture its transformation in a tangible way, we created a first scenario in which the user was immersed in the depths of Gres Aragón. In an epic way, the user was getting to know the history and exploits of the flooring company while being transferred from a landscape in ruins to the interior of a temple, a paradigm shift intended to highlight the evolution of the company and to extol the pillars and values of the brand.
In this landscape, stone, color and light had main protagonism as essential elements of the corporate identity of Gres Aragón. A hyper-realistic construction that introduced the user fully into the Hyperexperience, making the virtual into something totally plausible.

Design your home with Gres Aragón

Once the user had understood the origins of the company, the Hyperexperience brought him back to the surface, placing him in a dreamlike landscape. Next to it stood a luxurious house that complements the place and in it he found all the materials and fields on which the company was focused.
In addition, the user had complete freedom to move around the entire scenario, as if he were the owner of the house and had decided to renovate it. At the same time, they had a catalog of materials and colors to change the different areas to their liking.


A personal and memorable experience

Thanks to this type of Hyperexperiences we have managed to make the user experience, feel and relate to the brand in a totally transgressive and impactful way. In addition, through Virtual Reality we have also been able to achieve a direct engagement with the product that through traditional methods we would not have achieved, or it would have been much more expensive.
After the Cevisama 2019 fair, the success of "The Experience of Quality" was resounding. This is how our client let us know, who could not have been more satisfied with the result and the experience that each of his clients lived in this small space. Something memorable that they will never forget.



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