Virtual Environment in Roblox | Project for the Valencia Marathon 2022




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Create a 3D space in Roblox to promote the test through the virtual world and capture the attention of a different target.



Hyperexperience at the Valencia Marathon 2022

For the third consecutive year, DeuSens has been an active part of one of the most prestigious marathons in the world, the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon. Hand in hand with Telefónica and the organizers of the race, DeuSens has been in charge of developing an innovative virtual environment in Roblox and making the 3D video presentation showing the route of this new edition.
What is relevant about this milestone, besides being the first project developed in Roblox by Telefónica, is the connection achieved between two worlds apparently in conflict: the world of gaming and the world of sport. They seem natural enemies and a priori they are, however, through a great work of conceptualization we managed to represent the values and the sporting spirit, developing at the same time a tool of promotion of the test and sport in general.

Development of the virtual environment in Roblox

The main innovation of this new edition of the Valencia Marathon resulted in a 3D environment in Roblox that allowed the race to boost its presence in the virtual world and continue to be one of the world's leading marathons, focusing on bringing the culture of running closer and connecting with the new generations through the creation of this interactive experience.
The DeuSens team was in charge of conceptualizing, designing and developing the first space of the Valencia Marathon in Roblox, one of the most popular virtual environments today. This virtual space was conceived as a new channel in which to boost communication with the community generated by the entire running ecosystem of the city of Valencia.
As part of the experience, within the virtual environment of the Valencia Marathon in Roblox, users could:
  • Perform a historical tour to relive the major milestones of the race.
  • To know the route of this new edition.
  • To see a 3D recreation of the monuments through which the race took place, through an immersive view.
  • Customize your own virtual jersey and bib for your Roblox avatar.
  • Discover Movistar's involvement with Spanish sport.
  • Be updated with the latest news and updates on the race.
All of this, encompassed in a persistent multiplayer experience shared in real time by all users, who through their virtual avatars, could meet and interact within the virtual world and even communicate through a chat.

3D video presentation of the course

In addition to the virtual environment in Roblox, at DeuSens we also take care of making the, by now usual, 3D video used to present the test course.
As in the last two editions, the entire video, which included the recreation of the city of Valencia using 3D modeling techniques, the animations and different camera movements, the music and sound effects, as well as the complete final editing, were made from scratch by the DeuSens team.

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