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Bergner Europe is a company of Austrian origin specialized in household products and leader in the kitchen category whose Spanish headquarters are located in Zaragoza. Since its creation in 1999, its initiatives include the Cook & Chef Institute foundation, created with the aim of promoting research among cooking professionals and business sectors related to gastronomy.


To present the company's corporate philosophy and products in an immersive way, through the creation of customized virtual spaces visualized in web format.


Interactive Solutions

The interactive promotion through the virtual world

With the aim of showing its philosophy and values, as well as its wide variety of products and services, in an innovative way through the Internet, Bergner decided to rely again on DeuSens Hyperexperience, to conceptualize, design and build this virtual space customized with the colors, image and identity of the brand.
Simulating a large corporate building, this virtual space has served, since its creation, as a showroom for an innovative presentation of the company online. Once accessed, the user found multiple rooms dedicated to showing the company's history and history, its lines of business and brands, its way of working and a sample of its products. All this accompanied by interactive elements and audiovisual content that supported the Hyperexperience of this virtual showroom.

Virtual Showroom in 360潞, total interaction on web

With the intention of making this experience accessible to all the public, the realization consisted of a virtual tour as a tour 360潞 in web format. Thus, accessing through the website of Bergner from any device with Internet connection, the user entered this showroom virtual created with the aim of being a virtual space in which to know the wide variety of products Bergner, and watch corporate videos that reinforced the user experience and enhanced the image of brand customer.

Navigation through this immersive experience was tremendously intuitive, allowing movement between different preset points where the user could find multimedia content. In addition, all interactions with the different elements of the virtual showroom were carried out in a simple way, since all actions could be done by a mouse click.

The precursor technology of the future Metaverse

Once again, with this new HyperExperience, we have demonstrated the benefits of using technology and implementing it in the creative processes of companies to enhance the brand image, generate new experiences for users and achieve the WOW effect among the public. The virtual showroom developed for Bergner perfectly exemplifies what can be achieved by combining technology and creativity.
No doubt, these new immersive experiences, such as this 3D virtual showroom in 360潞, both in web format and Virtual Reality, represent a new way to convey to users the image and values of the brand, introducing them in a virtual space, tailored and 100% corporate, in which to also show products, make presentations and events and even sell these products as if it were an ecommerce.
An example of virtual space that can be considered a precursor and seed of what will be the future Metaverse, which is beginning to be glimpsed in DeuSens, already counting with elements and functionalities that will be essential to turn the concept into a reality.

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