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Monzón, a municipality in the province of Huesca and capital of the Cinca Medio region, which has more than 17,000 inhabitants, and where the Templar Castle of Monzón is located, a military fortress with 10 centuries of history and considered a national historic monument. The city council has asked us to recreate this historic military fortress moving it from the real world to the virtual world.


To reactivate tourism in the area by offering guided tours online, allowing anyone to discover the castle from anywhere in the world and encouraging future in-person visits.


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The power of digitalization and technological progress

The covid-19 health crisis modified for months the paradigm of all face-to-face activities. Guided tours to places of interest, monuments or museums, were not oblivious to this fact and were evoked to reduce their activity, putting strict limits, or even ceasing its activity temporarily. For this reason, the City Council of Monzón saw in this whole situation an opportunity to create and offer, to all those interested, virtual visits to its most representative historical monument: the Templar Castle of Monzón.
The Templar Castle of Monzón is a military fortress, with 10 centuries of history and considered a national historical monument. And for this reason it turns out to be one of the great tourist attractions of the region of cinca medio. Thus, the City Council of Monzón decided to count on Hiperexperiencia to move every millimeter of the fortress, from the real world to the virtual world, through a recreation in high quality 3D modeling. Thus, anyone could explore every corner of the castle and discover the history of this spectacular monument, from their own home through their computer.

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Every corner and place of the castle, in detail

To achieve the highest possible quality and recreate every millimeter of the castle exactly, a DeuSens team previously traveled to Monzón to carry out a 360º photography session. With the photographs already taken, the recreation in 3D modeling of each of the rooms, as well as the fortress in general, was carried out taking that 360º photography session as a basis and then texturing every little detail in the modeling, thus achieving an excellent result.
This way and thanks to this Hiperexperiencia, visitors could visualize every corner of the castle as it is in reality, being able to know and enjoy the most emblematic areas of the Templar Castle of Monzón with great detail. Visitors could freely discover, from the chapter house, to the keep, through the bedrooms, the stables, the exterior of the monument or even the room where James I lived during his childhood. All decorated and set with medieval motifs to achieve an even more immersive and realistic experience.

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Interaction and total freedom using virtual avatars

As if that were not enough, the virtual visit allowed the user to interact with the other visitors at the time, using their own voice through a microphone or text chat, and to move freely around the castle thanks to the use of virtual avatars identical to those of our online event software. In this way, each person could freely enjoy the virtual tour as they wished, going through the different rooms in the order that most interested them and observing every detail as long as they thought necessary.
The desire to try to achieve a special and memorable experience throughout the virtual tour, we also recreated some typical costumes and costumes of medieval times, both Knights Templar and peasants, for example. In this way, each visitor could customize and personalize his avatar with the clothing he liked or considered most appropriate. Finally, it is worth mentioning that this software is very intuitive and easy to use, making the virtual tour accessible to anyone, as it could be used by simple mouse clicks.

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