3 new technology trends for weddings | Technology sneaks into your wedding!

3 new technology trends for weddings | Technology sneaks into your wedding!

From augmented reality photocalls for weddings to drones flying over the ceremony and GoPros hidden in the bouquet...

Are you preparing your wedding and looking for original ideas? Don't worry. We show you the 3 new technology trends for weddings that will make it an innovative event that none of your guests will forget.


Tradition and technology go hand in hand at the altar

From drones flying over the ceremony to GoPros hidden in the bouquet to record the arrival at the altar. Technology has invaded today's weddings!

In an interview, The Knot editor-in-chief Kelly Gould claimed that a third of couples are already using technology on their wedding day... And that, mind you, is a figure that is only increasing.


The 3 new technology trends for weddings in 2022


1. Your cell phone is also the protagonist

That weddings are already starting to be organized and booked from your cell phone is something very striking. But that, in addition, 89% of couples use their cell phones during this great day is a very significant figure. With this, we can observe the great prominence that this technology is acquiring.

Photographs taken from the mobile, sharing via social networks this great day, messages, tweets, instastories, ... It is an activity that leaves us without battery. To our mobiles, of course.

Our inseparable relationship with them has reached such a point that, for example, charging stations are already being included. A very useful idea so you can save every detail.

Also, the creation of hashtags or websites are part of this trend that makes your wedding something totally new. This alternative allows you to create a unique space where the couple and guests can upload and access this content. All this in an easy and immediate way.


smartphone wedding trends


Or, aren't we eager to immediately share the pictures of this great day on our social networks?

2. Drones and GoPro: We take off in 3, 2, 1, ...

From being able to see your wedding day from a new perspective to having a drone deliver your wedding rings. Drones offer very original proposals that were previously unimaginable. Moreover, at a price that has been democratized for all audiences.

Now you can have in your wedding album with panoramic photographs and videos of the ceremony, unique perspectives of the place, as well as original and creative proposals. You will get to keep every detail of one of the best days of your life.


trends for weddings drones


Also, to this is added the possibility of including a GoPro camera to have an original and fun perspective. Some examples are:

  • Recording the bride's entrance in first person, with the GoPro hidden in the bouquet. You can immortalize the groom's nervous face!
  • Recording your guests with a GoPro placed in a bottle or any object you can think of. A very funny way to remember this great day.
  • Have your dog record and become the protagonist of this great day. A very intimate and tender way to keep it.

3. Augmented Reality Photocall for weddings: Say potato!

Photocalls at weddings are already a basic that every wedding couple wants to have. However, the classic booth is already very old-fashioned. In addition, on many occasions, it is a nuisance for guests to have to waste time putting on hats, wigs and glasses to fool around...

That's why an augmented reality photocall for weddings is ideal. A way to present an easy, comfortable and fun idea to save the best moments of this day.

What are its advantages?

  • Innovation and novelty: a detail that will make your wedding something totally different and striking that your guests will not forget.
  • Comfort and creativity: become a Hawaiian, a duck with a hat and bow tie, say I do in a Barbie and ActionMan box, ... You can become whatever you want and in the easiest way!
  • 3,2,1... Have fun!

At DeuSens we have developed an augmented reality photocall for weddings and events. Fun Mirror is the easiest way to customize and add a touch of innovation to your wedding. Choose your designs, customize the frame, access and download the photos in a personalized and private url, create a hashtag and share!


trends for weddings photocall augmented reality


However, this is not the only application AR can have. You can play with it in many ways!

For example, you can include it in your wedding invitations. Hasn't it occurred to you to record yourself with your partner to thank your guests for attending or explain some of the details of the big day? Or make an interactive map so that they know how to get to the place? And that your guests can get to know the menu in a much more fun way? The possibilities are as many as you want!


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