Fortnite VS Roblox | Their uses and examples for companies

Fortnite VS Roblox | Their uses and examples for companies

After the launch of Fortnite's Creative Mode 2.0, which integrates new possibilities for creating custom maps based on the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine, the competition with Roblox seems more than evident. This decision marks the path of Fortnite in the future, which seems aimed at ceasing to be solely a popular video game and becoming a virtual platform in which the users themselves are the ones who create and at the same time enjoy most experiences.
After a long time without news about Epic Games' (the company that owns Fortnite) bet on the Metaverse, this little-expected change of course indicates that it is still part of their future plans. Clearly, the Metaverse represents the next frontier in digital interaction and user experience, and Epic Games does not intend to be left behind.

On the business side, over the past few months, companies have taken advantage of the creative possibilities of Roblox to create their own immersive experiences and reach out to more digital audiences in innovative ways. And now that Fortnite gives us a tool and ecosystem similar to Roblox, will companies start to look to Fortnite and test its possibilities? Will it be as worthwhile as Roblox?
In this article we are going to analyze it more in depth, putting the focus on the front that has opened up between both platforms, the functionalities of Fornite's new creative mode, and we are going to show some examples of how companies and brands are already using these platforms to generate business.
Fortnite's new creative mode editor update
Roblox virtual platform, example of its avatars

What's going on with Fornite and Roblox

To better understand what's going on with Fortnite and Roblox, let's first put some context on both.
Roblox is a virtual platform for online experiences that has gained huge popularity in recent years. The company was founded in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, with the initial goal of creating a 3D virtual world for children to learn how to program and develop their own games. Over time, the platform has become a massive community of games and experiences created by the users themselves.
For its part, Fortnite is one of the most popular video games since its release in 2017, breaking records and schemes with its Freemium business model in which the sale of skins, collaborations and sponsorships with major brands and multitudinous macro-events are its most representative hallmarks.
With more than 200 million monthly active users, Roblox's popularity lies largely in its ability to allow users to create and share their own online games and experiences. And it seems this has not gone unnoticed by Epic Games, which has decided to replicate the formula for Roblox's success as a virtual platform by launching Creative Mode 2.0. in Fortnite.
With this decision, it seems that they intend to compete head-to-head with Roblox in the market of user-created games and experiences, while introducing an in-game market of their own, offering the most powerful and realistic tools to create custom maps from their own graphics engine, Unreal Engine 5. A move that has undoubtedly put Epic Games back on everyone's lips.

What can you do with the new creative mode 2. 0. of Fortnite?

Unreal Editor is the evolution of Fortnite's creative mode. This evolution boasts capabilities and features that go beyond a simple 'upgrade', generating a new, more complex editor with far superior capabilities over the conventional creative mode.
The new editor from Epic Games features a wide variety of tools for creating custom content, including:
  • Modeling and material creation tools.
  • Importing meshes, textures, animations and audio.
  • Creating visual effects with Niagara.
  • Animating with the control rig and Sequencer.
  • Designing game mechanics and building landscapes to create more complex environments with Verse.
  • Creating larger experiences using World Partition.
The editor also features real-time collaboration features, such as live editing and integrated collaboration with Unreal Revision Control, allowing you to work more efficiently as a team.
Fortnite, third-person shooter released in 2017 by Epic Games


Opportunities offered by Fortnite and Roblox for businesses

For businesses and brands, platforms such as Roblox, and from now on also Fortnite, offer an exciting opportunity on a marketing and exposure level through a new digital medium.
Brands can integrate into games and virtual environments, offering new forms of advertising and promotion. And with such a large and engaged user base, Roblox and Fortnite are certainly very appetizing destinations for brands to land on.
In terms of business generation, creating experiences on platforms like Fortnite or Roblox can allow companies to:

Reach a massive audience:

Roblox and Fornite have a massive user base, with millions of monthly active users. By positioning themselves on these platforms,companies have the opportunity to reach a huge audience, larger than even with other traditional media.

Positioning themselves in the minds of young audiences:

Both Roblox and Fortnite are very popular among new generations of consumers, which makes them an ideal place to generate branded content aimed at this segment of the population and captivate the current consumer but especially the consumers of the future.

Experimenting with new promotional formats:

The Metaverse offers companiesthe opportunity to experiment and carry out innovative marketing actions that include interactive and gamified dynamics, which are not possible in other media, connecting with users in a more direct and emotional way.


Turning passive audiences into active ones:

One of the great benefits of using Fortnite or Roblox as a channel for capturing demand is that the actions created on these platforms leave behind conventional forms of promotion, introducing the differential factor of interaction with the content generated. In this way, the experiences created in Fortnite or Roblox turn users into an active part, ceasing to be mere spectators.

To be at the forefront within the virtual world:

The Metaverse is an ecosystem that is being built with constantly evolving technologies, and managing day by day to transform the way in which users interact online. Implementing these platforms in their marketing strategy allows companies to show themselves at the forefront and committed to offering new and innovative experiences to their audience.


Examples of brand experiences created in Roblox

Choco Flakes and its most crazy experience:

Betting on new forms of promotion and staying ahead of the curve is something that gives added value to any brand. New advertising formats, based on gamification and immersive experiences, allow establishing a relationship with the consumer in an innovative way through the use of new technologies.
This is something we have done recently, working together with the brand Choco Flakes, owned by Adam Foods, whose challenge was to connect with its Generation Z audience in an emotional and effective way. Together, we analyzed the possibilities and came to the conclusion that the best way to achieve this was through an experience on Roblox.
This is how the Crazy Run was born, an immersive experience, consisting of performing a parkour through the interior of a kitchen, which included representative elements of the brand and its branding, and the performance of an influencer campaign to viralize the experience and the brand.

There is no doubt that online experiences, especially on platforms like Roblox, are an innovative and exciting way to connect younger consumers with companies. By investing in the development of a customized game, we ensure greater interaction and engagement with the brand, and this translates into greater loyalty and consolidation of the brand image in the minds of consumers.

The virtualization of the Valencia Marathon 2022:

The last edition of the Valencia Marathon was introduced into the Metaverse through the creation of a virtual environment in Roblox in which users could discover information about one of the most important marathons in the world in an interactive and innovative way. An initiative that was carried out by Telefónica, in its usual collaboration with the event, and developed entirely by the entire DeuSens team, from the conceptualization of the experience to the technical and graphic realization of it.
The milestone of this project was not only to generate the first introduction of a marathon in the Metaverse, but also to promote the sport through the virtual world, focusing on bringing the culture of running and connecting with new generations, through the creation of this interactive experience.
All this, englobado in a persistent multiplayer experience and shared in real time by all users, that through their virtual avatars, could meet and interact within the virtual world and even communicate through a chat.

The collaboration of Roblox and vans:

In October 2020, Roblox and Vans announced the launch of 'Vans World', the brand's own virtual environment, which came with a collaboration to allow Roblox users to purchase and customize their own pairs of Vans sneakers in the game.

The long-term collaboration has allowed Roblox players to design their own Vans sneakers with a wide variety of colors, patterns and materials available. Over time, the experience has received various content updates, adding new features and exclusive virtual items.


Interactive Vans experience on Roblox, called Vans World

Nike's collaboration with Roblox:

With a clear focus on experiential marketing, Nike created and launched its own Roblox experience, called NikeLand, in December 2020.

In this experience, users can explore different NikeLand themed areas and participate in challenges, missions and games based on sports and fitness, such as skateboarding, soccer, basketball and athletics. In addition, they can also customize their characters with Nike apparel and accessories and use them within the virtual space.

NikeLand is a unique experience that allows users to explore and enjoy the Nike universe in an interactive and fun way. In addition, it is an opportunity for Nike to interact directly with its younger target audience and engage with them in a safe and engaging environment.


Playing Nike's Roblox experience called Nikeland


Examples of brand experiences created in Fortnite

FNAC makes the leap to the virtual world to celebrate its 30th anniversary:

FNAC Spain celebrated its 30th anniversary hand in hand with DeuSens by breaking the mold with a custom Fortnite map that has challenged thousands of users in a unique Only Up style parkour.

With this revolutionary gaming marketing campaign in which we merged every detail of their iconic store design with a cyberpunk aesthetic in a virtual Fortnite space full of adventure.

The "Only Up's FNAC" initiative is an innovative example of how companies can use video games and the virtual world to reach their target audience and interact with consumers in a new and unique way.


Carrefour with "The Healthy Map"

The company ran a campaign to promote its corporate social responsibility strategy and its actions to reduce environmental impact by creating its own personalized island in Fortnite. This "Healthy Map" also aimed to raise awareness among children about healthy eating, using a virtual supermarket as the setting for the experience created.
Carrefour's personalized map in Fortnite

The Honda HR-V Presentation in Fortnite:

This collaboration of the Japanese automotive brand, Honda, with streamer SypherPK allowed him to host 3 streams on his Twitch channel, in which he could show his audience how the development of the "Hondaverse" island took place. In the center of it was a large 3D recreation of the brand's new model, the Honda HR-V, giving it prominence and recognition, as one more action of the presentation campaign of this new model.
This collaboration of 3 live broadcasts took place during the months of June, July and August 2022 and in the last broadcast users could compete against the content creator, having the opportunity to win different prizes for the users who achieved the best scores.


Appearance of the island hondaverse created in Fortnite for the presentation of the Honda HR-V model

If you want to learn more about all the possibilities that platforms like Roblox and Fortnite, and the Metaverse in general, have for your company, do not hesitate to contact us. Working together we can plan and develop your company's first steps in the Metaverse and boost your business.

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