Apple Vision Pro | Apple's first Mixed Reality glasses look like this

Apple Vision Pro | Apple's first Mixed Reality glasses look like this

In the vast universe of technology, where innovation and creativity are the stars that guide our way, a new titan emerges, a device that promises to change our perception of reality and open up endless creative possibilities.
We are referring to the new Apple Vision Pro, Apple's first Mixed Reality glasses, which combine Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality functionalities to offer an unprecedented immersive experience. This device is much more than just a gadget; it is a gateway to new worlds, a tool that will transform the way we interact with technology and, ultimately, the world around us.
Apple Vision Pro is the result of years of innovation and development, and promises to represent a new milestone in Apple's history and in the field of immersive technologies.

Apple Vision Pro announcement, date and pricing

2023 has been marked as the year Apple once again redefined the boundaries of what is possible. At this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the company announced its entry into the world of mixed reality with the Apple Vision Pro. This announcement was not just a simple introduction of a new product; it was a challenge to convention, an invitation to explore new frontiers of creativity and innovation.

Apple Vision Pro is not the first mixed reality glasses on the market, but in typical Apple fashion, its goal is not to be the first, but to be the best. Following in the tradition of revolutionary products like the Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, the Apple Vision Pro promises to change the way we see and experience the digital world.
The Apple Vision Pro is scheduled for release next year, 2024, and will be priced at $3,499. This price may seem high, but we have to bear in mind that we are not talking about an ordinary device. The Apple Vision Pro is a masterpiece of engineering, a device that combines the latest technology with a sleek design and an unparalleled user experience.
Apple Vision Pro is not just a product, it's a vision of the future, a promise of what's to come. They represent a new chapter in Apple's history, and we can't wait to see how this story unfolds.

Design of Apple's Mixed Reality glasses

Apple Vision Pro has been designed with a meticulous focus on detail, reflecting Apple's philosophy of combining functionality and aesthetics in a single product. The viewfinder of the glasses is made of polished glass that allows the outside to be viewed properly, creating a truly immersive mixed reality experience. The body of the glasses is covered in aluminium, a material that makes the device durable and lightweight, allowing for prolonged use without discomfort.
The strap of the glasses is made of textile and is quite flexible, adapting to different head sizes to ensure a perfect fit for each user. This strap integrates small speakers that provide spatial audio, creating an immersive listening experience that complements the visual one.
One of the highlights of the Apple Vision Pro design is the collaboration with Zeiss for lens development. This collaboration has enabled Apple to deliver high-quality lenses that provide crisp, clear vision, further enhancing the mixed reality experience. In addition, for those users who are visually impaired, it will be possible to fit Zeiss optical inserts tailored to each individual's prescription, ensuring that everyone can enjoy Apple Vision Pro to the fullest.
In summary, these are the main new design features of the Apple Vision Pro:
  • Housing: Formed from a single piece of three-dimensional laminated glass that flows inside an aluminium alloy frame that curves to wrap around the wearer's face.

  • Light Seal: The device gently flexes to fit the wearer's face, providing a precise fit while blocking outside light.

  • Headband: The headband provides cushioning, breathability and elasticity. In addition, the adjustment dial allows Vision Pro to fit precisely to the head.

  • Power: The external battery supports up to 2 hours of off-grid use, and all day use when plugged in.

  • Sound: Speakers positioned close to the ears deliver rich Spatial Audio, while keeping the wearer aware of their surroundings.

  • Eye Vision: An external display shows the user's eyes while wearing Vision Pro, so people around them know when they're using apps or when they're fully immersed.

Technical features of the new Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro is a technological prodigy, equipped with state-of-the-art technical features that put it at the forefront of mixed reality. The glasses' viewfinders have 23 megapixels between them, providing greater than 4K resolution in each eye. This high resolution ensures a sharp and detailed image, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in the mixed reality experience.
The glasses feature a dual camera system capable of capturing "spatial" images, meaning they can take pictures and videos in panoramic sizes. This camera system, along with the spatial audio provided by the speakers built into the strap, allows the Apple Vision Pro to recreate captured moments as faithfully as possible.
In addition, the Apple Vision Pro features a high-performance eye-tracking system based on LEDs and infrared cameras. This system allows invisible light patterns to be projected onto each eye and accurately record eye tracking, allowing the interface to be controlled by the eye itself.
At the heart of the Apple Vision Pro are the Apple M2 and R1 chips. The M2 chip, which is also found in some of Apple's best computers, delivers powerful and efficient performance. The R1 chip, on the other hand, is a dedicated SoC that processes input from cameras, sensors and microphones, transmitting images to the displays in 12 milliseconds. This combination of high-performance hardware ensures that Apple Vision Pro can process all the information it sees without delay and in real time.

Apple Vision Pro software and compatibility

Apple Vision Pro stands out not only for its impressive hardware, but also for its innovative software. The glasses run on a new operating system called visionOS, which has been designed specifically for mixed reality. VisionOS features a three-dimensional interface that allows users to interact with the digital environment in a more intuitive and natural way.
In addition, Apple Vision Pro is compatible with all iOS and iPadOS apps. This means users can enjoy their favourite apps in a mixed reality environment, opening up a world of possibilities for entertainment, productivity and creativity. Imagine playing your favourite Apple Arcade games in a virtual environment, or browsing Safari as if you were walking through a library of information.
Apple Vision Pro is also compatible with Bluetooth accessories, such as the PlayStation 5 controller. This allows users to interact with the virtual environment in more diverse and exciting ways, further enhancing the mixed reality experience.

What will the Apple device User Experience be like?

Apple Vision Pro is designed to deliver an unparalleled user experience. Whether you're playing a game, watching a movie, working on a project or simply exploring the digital world, the glasses provide an immersive experience that makes you feel like you're really there.
One of the most impressive features of Apple Vision Pro is its ability to project a screen up to 100 inches, no matter where you are. This means you can enjoy a home cinema experience, or work on a project on a large screen, without the need for a TV or monitor.
And Apple Vision Pro lets you capture both photos and spatial video. This means you can capture moments in a format that recreates the experience of actually being there, allowing you to relive those moments in a more vivid and exciting way.
Last but not least, the Apple Vision Pro is able to adapt to the needs of each user. For those with vision problems, the glasses can be fitted with Zeiss optical inserts tailored to each individual's prescription. This ensures that everyone can enjoy Apple Vision Pro to the full, regardless of their vision.

What can we do with Apple Vision Pro?


Enjoy immersive multimedia content:

Apple Vision Pro allows us to immerse ourselves in a universe of multimedia content, thanks to compatibility with all the applications in the Apple ecosystem. Unlike traditional augmented reality, multimedia playback is not limited to the physical space in which we find ourselves. These glasses have the ability to project a screen of up to 100 inches, regardless of our location.
In addition to being able to enjoy content from Apple TV, HBO, Netflix and all compatible apps, Apple Vision Pro, with its ability to record content in 3D, 8K and 180 degrees, allows us to relive our own experiences in stunning quality.

Use a laptop and an iPad on your eyes:

Apple Vision Pro's are essentially a computer equipped with the powerful Apple Silicon M2. They allow us to browse Safari, use Microsoft's suite of applications (Powerpoint, Word, Excel, etc.), as well as any iOS or iPadOS application. This is a device that can run any application we can imagine, recreating it in this mixed reality environment.
Although the glasses are compatible with iOS and iPadOS apps, the app shop has been completely redesigned for this new operating system, providing a completely new platform for developers to create innovative solutions.

Have a 3D camera in your hands:

Vision Pro's allow you to capture both space photos and videos. These types of images have depth, allowing you to recreate the moments you have captured in three dimensions. These files are stored within the Vision Pro's own Photos application, which is optimised for this type of content.

Play games with connected accessories:

Apple Vision Pro is compatible with Bluetooth accessories, such as the PlayStation 5 controller. By connecting it, we can enjoy more than 100 games available on Apple Arcade, as well as some of the games in the iOS and iPadOS app shops.

Customise apps to suit your needs:

Apple defines different app configuration scenarios as "environments". The size of apps is variable and customisable, allowing us to tailor our digital environment to our needs and preferences.

Integrate the entire Apple ecosystem into a single device:

Although the Vision Pro is a completely separate device, it is integrated into the Apple ecosystem. We can connect our Mac to the Vision Pro wirelessly and use it as a 4K monitor while typing on the keyboard and using our computer's trackpad.

Conduct immersive 3D meetings:

Facetime has been specially designed for the Vision Pro. Using a tile-based interface, we can have each participant in the conversation in a separate window. With spatial audio in calls, the feeling of talking to people in a real environment is even greater. In addition, it is possible to create a three-dimensional virtual avatar, called a "Persona", which is able to transmit the movement of our hands and face in video calls.

Apple's Mixed Reality future

The Apple Vision Pro represents a quantum leap in the world of mixed reality technology. With their combination of cutting-edge hardware, innovative software and an unparalleled user experience, this device promise to change the way we interact with the digital world.
But Apple Vision Pro is much more than just a device; it's a vision of what the future could be. A future where the line between the digital and the physical blurs, where we can explore new worlds and experiences from the comfort of our own homes, where technology integrates more organically and naturally into our lives.
Apple Vision Pro is a testament to Apple's innovative spirit, a testament to its commitment to creating products that not only meet the needs of today, but also anticipate the needs of tomorrow. We're excited to see this new chapter in Apple's history unfold, and we're confident that the Apple Vision Pro will play a leading role in the next technological revolution.
In short, Apple Vision Pro is not just a product, it's a promise of a more exciting, more creative and more immersive future. And we can't wait to see how that promise is realised.

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