PlayStation VR: Sony's virtual reality for game consoles

PlayStation VR: Sony's virtual reality for game consoles

PlayStation VR

We are in a world in which the virtual begins to gain weight to the real. This has made Sony has not wanted to stay behind and has opted for glasses for the PlayStation 4. PlayStation VR enters the virtual market in a crushing way.

The virtual reality glasses Play Station VR are the evolution of Project Morpheus. Sony is fighting for these glasses to make competition to Oculus and HTC Vive. These are the only goggles that require the use of a Playstation 4, and the only ones that work with Sony's game console.

playstation vr virtual reality device

By connecting both devices you are already in a position to explore new experiences in a matter of seconds. In addition, to allow better interaction with virtual reality, PlayStation Move controllers are needed.

These are lightweight goggles that allow movement very easily. They have illuminated sensors on the front and back resembling futuristic glasses, allowing them to communicate with the PlayStation Camera to detect movements.

With these glasses you will be completely immersed in the game with a total sense of unprecedented presence, it allows you to cross the screen and get directly into the game losing track of time.

Why go for PlayStation VR?

There are many reasons to go for these virtual reality goggles for game consoles.

For one thing, the headset is designed to be as balanced, comfortable, and snug as possible. This design allows you to be free of any distractions as you explore new game worlds.

Also, perfect mobility is possible. The LEDs around the headset and motion controller are tracked by the PlayStation Camera. This allows it to provide a very accurate capture of your natural movement in virtual space.

Another reason for PlayStation VR is that it is a leader in design. It is a novel and completely futuristic design.

player experience PlayStation VR


With PlayStation VR you'll be in a position to experience new worlds with unexpected experiences. More than 80 games that will be coming to PS4 virtual reality have already been unveiled. Among these stand out Robinson The Journey, Tekken 7 , Until Dawn Rush of Blood, Star Wars: Battlefront, Eagle Flight or The London Heist.

The glasses for video game lovers are about to candy. They will hit the market next October at a price of 400 euros. This is a very economical price compared to its great rivals such as Oculus Rift (700 euros) and HTC Vive (900 euros). A great opportunity to get one at affordable prices.


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