Online events and their high efficiency: Spain Retail Congress

Online events and their high efficiency: Spain Retail Congress

The effectiveness of online events

Do you want to know the power of online events? Join us!

You start your day, wake up early and make yourself a cup of coffee. You sit in your desk chair in front of the computer for 8 hours to work.... You finish eating and sit down on the couch to rest. You put on an episode of your favorite series on TV while, with your cell phone in your hand, you check Twitter trends to find out what's trending. You go on Instagram trying to socialize, somehow, with the people around you. You finish the chapter. You put on a YouTube video and when it ends, you watch 4 videos recommended for you. You get a notification of the different offers of the day, you go into the app to see if something interests you and after...

How many hours a day are you in front of a screen without really participating in what you're doing?

With the arrival of the pandemic, our lives changed, making our daily routine consist of viewing even more time passively different device screens.

In addition, health restrictions and the numerous hotspots of contagions have made companies have to seek different alternatives for their usual activities. One of them is one of the best forms of communication between companies and customers, events. These have been completely cancelled due to the impossibility of carrying them out.

For all these reasons, from DeuSens we decided to offer companies the possibility of betting on the effectiveness of online events

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Why online events?

Because virtual events are a great alternative to in-person events and because people are tired and bored of continually seeing the same type of web pages and videos of different content.

But, above all, because our online events are based on gamification. How does it work?

The user, as soon as he starts, finds a customization screen in which he will have to modify the visual aspect of his own avatar. That is, the representation of himself in the virtual world.

Once his physical appearance has been incorporated into the online world, the user will be able to move freely through the different spaces created. Thus, they can enter an auditorium to attend a conference with questions in real time, have a private meeting inside any stand of the different participating companies, sit in armchairs with other participants to negotiate or converse through a text or voice chat...

All this allows to achieve, in a real way, that the user is part of the event, participate actively and consider that the event is something really different and new that brings value and breaks with the routine, not a simple video to view as a spectator passively and can do other tasks at the same time.

In addition, they have numerous other advantages, which are explained in depth in this article.

What are the advantages of online events?

  • First of all, there is total customization, both of the space and of the attendees.
  • There are also great savings, both in time and money.
  • In addition, they offer the possibility of bringing together different people from anywhere in the world in the same event.
  • There is no limit to the number of people who can participate.
  • Through gamification, the user lives a really unforgettable experience.
  • Finally, measuring results is much simpler because the software collects all the necessary KPIs.

Spain Retail Congress

Last week marked the end of the Spain Retail Congress, a trade support and inspiration event, held on November 17, 18 and 19, organized by the Spanish Trade Confederation and with the support of D/A Retail.

eventos online spain retail congress 2020

In the face of a changing and totally unpredictable retail sector situation,the aim of the event was to provide answers for each of the retail sector's needs, including understanding consumer behavior and expectations, as well as possible changes in the environment and market that may occur following the severe health crisis.

The online event has proved to be a success, the presentation of 50 experts from the trade has been carried out who have provided relevant information for all attendees, it has been possible to carry out the interaction between the customer and the company, approximately half a thousand people have been able to attend and of course, all under the same essence of a traditional event.

On the other hand, DeuSens has achieved that, through gamification, each participant lives a unique and much more interactive experience. Users have been able to move freely through the spaces designed for the event, they have been able to ask questions at the information points, go to any room from the main hall, visit two different auditoriums where the different presentations have taken place or make a network of contacts with the rest of the participants in the networking room. They were also able to visit the stands of the different sponsors. These included the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Ecoembes, El Corte Inglés, HMY, Ecoembes, Bizum, GLS, Banco Sabadell, SSI Schäfer...

Results of the event

Thanks to the different conferences held, it has been possible to analyze the next market trends, how to meet the needs of the new consumer (who is more fearful and reluctant to physical contact) and how to elaborate the path towards a digital transformation that allows incorporating the physical store as an integrated part in the omnichannel of the business.

spain retail congress 2020 online events

The novelty of the event has been the announcement of Reyes Maroto, the Minister of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism on the creation of a Retail Advisory Council. In this forum will participate the most representative organizations of the sector and will allow the different trades to achieve a more digital and sustainable business model.

As a conclusion, it is considered of vital importance to adapt retail to new technologies and new consumer shopping habits. Thus, it will be possible to face the economic situation derived from the Covid-19 crisis.

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