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Exafan is the company specialized in the development of automation systems and equipment for the livestock sector and in the execution of turnkey farm projects. It has a portfolio of more than 10,000 customers, presence in more than 72 countries and control in all manufacturing, production and logistics processes, increasing significantly its efficiency.


Create a HyperExperience that shows farm owners the solutions marketed by the brand in a different and interactive way and, in addition, in web format.


Interactive Solutions

Virtual farms to show the work of Exafan

With the intention of reconnecting users with its brand, Exafan had the mission to show its tailor-made projects of pig and poultry farms in a different way, which would attract its corporate culture to users and also allow it to show its quality and way of working in a unique and more interactive way.
To do so, they relied on DeuSens Hyperexperience to create the "Farm Viewer", a 3D web viewer that would allow anyone to teleport and visit their farms through a 360º virtual tour, and obtain interesting information about their projects and solutions. A unique way to show their products from anywhere in the world, through the Internet.

3D Web Viewer, what did it consist of?

The "Farm Viewer" worked through a 3D web viewer, a tool that allowed anyone interested in Exafan's product catalog, to live a unique experience, visiting in 360º the facilities of two different farms, where the user could obtain information about the solutions for farms that Exafan marketed. To do this, the potential of the brand was captured in two 3D models: one of poultry farms and another of pig farms, through which the user could extract more information by clicking on the interactive buttons of the display.

The great advantage of this solution was that it was created specifically to be used in web format, so it could be used by any device with an Internet connection, such as a Smartphone or a PC, without the need for external downloads or other gadgets to achieve its operation. In addition, through its specific development in web format, we achieved a great optimization that allowed us to achieve great image quality and resolution, making the Hyperexperience even more immersive.

A solution that was introduced by Exafan in its commercial process, achieving with it a direct engagement with the product and connecting the customer more with the brand than through the use of traditional tools and methods.



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