Augmented Reality Campofrío | WOW effect at the point of sale




A multinational company in the food sector, it is a subsidiary of the Mexican company Sigma Foods. The company was founded in Burgos in 1952 and is now headquartered in Alcobendas (Madrid). It is the leading company in Europe in processed meat products and is one of the five largest companies in the world in this sector.


Achieve the WOW Effect that attracts the public's attention at the point of sale, highlighting a new brand promotion.


Inmersive Technologies

Looking for the much-desired WOW Effect

Brands are looking for new ways to engage with consumers. The retail sector is reinventing itself thanks to digital transformation. From DeuSens we have always bet on this new form of communication that introduces the consumer in the center of the experience, trying to achieve the well-known WOW effect that awakens interest and attracts the attention of the public.

An example of this is our Augmented Reality project for Campofrío as a means to enhance and improve the shopping experience and achieve greater customer loyalty.


The point of sale, as the center of the experience

It is no longer surprising that more and more consumers prefer to shop online. However, despite the most catastrophic predictions, the point of sale is not going to disappear, since users still enjoy that "see and touch."

The current trend is for points of sale to move from being transactional spaces to transitional spaces. By having a clear strategy of ommnicanality, it doesn't matter where the consumer contacts the brand, what matters is that they have a unique experience. This was Campofrío's objective to attract the consumer's attention to its products inside the point of sale.

With this Augmented HyperExperience we managed to turn the point of sale into a meeting point between brand and consumer. Thanks to the implementation of a competitive mini-game, we made the shopping experience a challenge between the different consumers of the retailer, having as an incentive the chance to win a 50€ gift card.


Augmented Hyper-experience to enhance the promotion

Augmented Reality Campofrío was a solution that enhanced the brand's promotion called "all your purchase for free". By combining Augmented Reality and gamification, the customer obtained an experience that combined the real with the virtual. The consumer, using the tablet provided, had to point to the big marker on the floor to start the Hyperexperience. Subsequently, through the use of Augmented Reality, a virtual shopping cart appeared, totally realistic in size and dimensions, thus achieving a more immersive Hyperexperience.

The purpose of the mini-game was that the user, after choosing one of the Campofrío menus, had to put the combination of products belonging to the selected menu into the virtual shopping cart in the shortest possible time. After achieving this, the app would ask for their data to record their time and appear in the highscore.

Thanks to this Hyperexperience, Campofrío managed to attract consumers, show them its products in a fun and entertaining way, get their data to generate leads and generate greater interest in the brand, standing out from the competition thanks to this interactive promotion.


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