Augmented Reality Outdoor Advertising | DOOH campaign for G2A




G2A is a global digital marketplace specializing in video games and gaming products with 12 million customers, 260,000 sellers, 50,000 digital products and 700 employees in total. Its main product is digital game activation keys for platforms such as Steam.


Apply Augmented Reality in the digital marquee to engage users with the projected digital content.


Inmersive Technologies

Capturing attention with experiential marketing

In the age of digital information, digital outdoor advertising (DOOH) campaigns have emerged as an innovative and dynamic way to leverage experiential marketing to capture the public's attention, based on their ability to generate a WOW effect on users.

The magic of DOOH campaigns lies in their ability to surprise audiences. Unlike traditional outdoor advertising methods, which can go unnoticed in the visual saturation of cities, DOOH campaigns capture attention through dynamic and personalized content.

In this aspect, G2A decided to rely on DeuSens Hyperexperience to carry out an innovative experiential marketing campaign integrating Augmented Reality in a digital billboard to offer an interactive experience that went beyond the mere visualization of an advertising message.

Operation of the digital mupi with Augmented Reality

To integrate Augmented Reality into the advertising billboard, we were in charge of providing technical support to the installation team. Using a camera, placed on the digital canopy, we turned the billboard into a portal that captured the real space on the other side of the canopy and displayed it on the screen of the digital billboard.

Using this real image as a scene, we introduced a 3D animation, designed and modeled by the DeuSens team, in which users could see a portal in the shape of the "A" of G2A through which appeared different characters, which interacted with users who stood in front of the advertising canopy, referring to the different types of video games offered by G2A in its marketplace.

This portal effect managed to surprise the users, introducing them fully into the action of the 3D animation and making them participants in the dissemination of the campaign through their reactions and the content that they themselves recorded and generated organically for their social networks.

3D animation development with motion capture

One of the key features of this project was the high quality of the 3D animation, developed by our team using a specialized motion capture suit, equipped with sensors that capture the user's movement and reproduce it in the 3D animation of the different characters.

The successful implementation of this project underlines the importance of adopting new technologies to create groundbreaking advertising experiences, opening new avenues for future interactive outdoor advertising campaigns.

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