Augmented Reality Hyperexperience | Fiestas del Ángel in Teruel 2018




Located in the Plaza de la Catedral, the Centro Comercial Abierto is the most ambitious project of the Asociación de Comerciantes del Centro Histórico de Teruel, which since its formation in 1988 has sought to make the historic center of Teruel the preferred place for the people of Teruel to spend their leisure time. Currently, around 180 establishments, including merchants, hoteliers and professionals, are part of the commercial center.


Attract the young public to the shopping center, using Augmented Reality to show the most emblematic moment of Teruel's festivities, in a more interactive way.


Inmersive Technologies

Augmented Reality in the Fiestas del Ángel 2018

Each year, during the celebration of the Fiestas del Ángel, Teruel enhances its tourism to attract and welcome the maximum amount of visitors, and offer them a memorable experience in the most representative festivities of the city. For this reason, the Merchants Association of the Historic Center of Teruel wanted to launch, during the Fiestas del Ángel 2018, the campaign "Vive La Vaquilla with the five senses", for which it decided to count on DeuSens Hiperexperiencia, in collaboration with T-Zir and the acceleration program Aragón Open Future.

It consisted of a project in which the protagonist technology was the Augmented Reality, and whose main objective was to dynamize the campaign to attract the young public and bring them closer to the more than 160 establishments of the Open Mall during the week of celebration of the Fiestas del Ángel.

The festivities experienced from a different point of view

"What will El Torico feel when they put the handkerchief on him?". A question that all the people from Teruel ask themselves every year and to which, from DeuSens, we wanted to give an answer through an Augmented Reality app, which focused the focus of the festivity on El Torico. Thus, thanks to technology, we were able to show the Fiestas del Ángel from a new point of view, recreating through an Augmented Reality animation the moment when they put the scarf on the bull and the bond that is created between them.

How did the Hiperexperiencia work? To encourage the visit to the 160 establishments of the Open Commercial Center of Teruel, different posters were placed in them, which were used as a marker to start with the Augmented Reality animations. Specifically, there were three types of posters, one that allowed to visualize an animation that expressed the feelings of the bullfighter, another one that showed an animation that expressed the feelings of the scarf, and the last one that showed an animation that expressed the feelings of both of them when they came together.

In this way, seeing the animations in the correct order, indicated on the posters, created a storytelling in Augmented Reality that showed what it means for all the people of Teruel the union between El Torico and the handkerchief in the most significant act of the Fiestas del Ángel.

Technology as a means of differentiating the campaign

Through this playful and festive formula, the Open Commercial Center wanted to represent and extol, through 3D animations, the sensations and feelings that could be seen and enjoyed in each of the 160 associated establishments.

In addition, and in parallel to the use of the Augmented Reality app, the campaign "Vive la Vaquilla with the five senses" was also associated with a series of loyalty promotions thanks to which you could win tickets for concerts and shows of the Fiestas del Ángel 2018, commemorative T-shirts, as well as, prizes with a total value of 600 euros.

In order to enter these sweepstakes, users had to visualize the three Augmented Reality animations, capturing the three posters of the event, which were randomly distributed by the different commercial establishments. In this way, the aim was to mobilize consumers and encourage them to visit as many establishments as possible. A global strategy that relied on the use of Augmented Reality as a means of differentiation and attraction, complemented with attractive incentives that made the campaign a success among the public.



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