Choco Flakes Crazy Run | Interactive game made in Roblox




Cuétara's Choco Flakes is a brand of cookies known for its original product and its mascot, a funny alien that is very crazy. The most beastly breakfast brand, according to its main slogan, is under the Cuétara brand umbrella and is owned by Adam Foods, one of the most important national food groups with more than 100 years of history.


Generate engagement and awareness by introducing the brand in the gamer world through a disruptive campaign based on the Metaverse and non-conventional digital media to connect with the target.



Boosting the presence of Choco Flakes in the Metaverse

If we think of a brand with an innovative communication, punk and 100% aimed at generation Z, Choco Flakes and its fun character have created one of the most representative brands that resonates the most in the head of this target.
Their strategy involves exploring all possible ways and channels to approach and connect with the younger and digital audience constantly and, for this reason, they decided to enter the Metaverse, by launching their own space in Roblox.
This Hyperexperience, conceptualized, designed and developed by DeuSens has been made to allow Choco Flakes to connect with the most digital audience through the virtual world.

Conceptualization and development of the game in Roblox

In a first phase of consulting and planning with the client, as we do in all our developments, it was clear the brand connection of Choco Flakes with the gaming world and the main target of their communication campaigns.
After an analysis of all the possibilities, the conclusion was that the best way to capture and connect with that audience was to make a fun and competitive game in Roblox, which included representative elements of the brand and its branding. This is how the Crazy Run was born, a parkour through the interior of a kitchen in which the user had to overcome the different levels to reach a big bowl of Choco Flakes and be able to enjoy it as a reward.
After that first phase, the team was in charge of developing the complete experience that included:
  • The conceptualization of the route and of all the levels during the experience.
  • The graphic and visual design of the virtual environment including the branding of the brand.
  • The development of the gameplay and all parkour mechanics.
  • The 3D modeling and creation of animations of the brand's character specific for the game
  • The creation of skins for Roblox based on the brand's character, specific for the game.

Massive diffusion through influencer marketing

The launch of this project had an extraordinary reception, highlighting its complexity and novelty to the community. The dissemination strategy through an influencer marketing campaign significantly increased the visibility of the project and strengthened Choco Flakes' relationship with the gaming community.

This Hyperexperience in Roblox was not only an innovative and attractive way to enhance Choco Flakes' relationship with GenZ, but also placed the brand in a privileged place in the heart of the gaming community, a passionate and dedicated group, getting more than 120K visits to the Choco Flakes world in Roblox in the first weeks since the launch.



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