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Telefónica is a multinational telecommunications company that currently operates in 13 countries and has a presence in 24. A company sensitive to the new challenges that today's society demands, working with an innovative spirit and focused on its technological potential to offer the best solutions to improve communication between people.


To dynamize visits to the Telefónica District and enhance the visitor experience through the use of interactive technologies.


Inmersive Technologies

Telefónica District: more technological and interactive

In this open innovation space, Telefónica dedicates more than 10,000 m2 to test, experiment and develop the solutions of the future in terms of 5G, IoT, edge computing, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, TV, etc.

In order to make it an even more experiential complex, they trusted DeuSens to jointly create Distrito AR; a project consisting of five interactive Augmented Reality Web experiences, developed with Onirix software, that dynamized and gamified the visits to the innovation hub of the centenary company, located in Madrid.

Main characteristics of the Distrito AR experiences

One of the main characteristics of these experiences is that they were developed using Web AR, that is, the use of Augmented Reality does not require any kind of software downloads, working directly in the device's browser, through a specific URL.

All the experiences were designed with the objective of being fun and impactful but above all requiring a minimal learning curve, being simple and accessible to use for any type of user.

In addition, all of them were conceptualized to convey, individually, the different core values of Telefónica, encompassed in a common narrative that showed clearly and forcefully Telefónica's commitment to innovation and technology.

What did each of the interactive experiences consist of?

  • The Cabin: Associated with "transformation" as Telefónica's first core value, this experience introduced a phone booth, in Augmented Reality, which became a portal to the future. Upon entering it, the user could discover how digitalization will revolutionize the services of the future in different sectors such as industry, retail or construction.

  • Challenge 42: Talent", Telefónica's second core value, was represented through this Augmented Reality experience inspired by Telefónica's school 42. The experience, with 3 levels of difficulty, consisted of completing a 3D puzzle in which the user had to rotate and arrange the pieces to form an element related to the Telefónica brand.

  • Chillida Digital: AR technology is a great tool for artistic preservation and dissemination. Fitting this with the third core value of Telefónica, "transcendence", we digitized through photogrammetry and volumetric video different works of the artist Chillida, visible in a real way in the Telefónica Foundation, to show them in Augmented Reality.

  • The Next U: In reference to Telefónica's fourth core value, "telecommunications", we developed an experience that represented the Metaverse as the future of communication. In the experience, the user selected his preferences in a predetermined decision tree to visualize, later, in 3D a virtual avatar representing his identity of the future in the Metaverse, according to the selected preferences.

  • T-4E: Finally, this experience refers to "technology", a key pillar of Telefónica during its 100 years of existence. Thus, this experience consists of the representation of a timeline in Augmented Reality that recalls the most important facts of technological evolution in the last century, around the pioneering figure of Telefónica.

How did the created experiences work?

To facilitate the understanding and usability of the Augmented Reality experiences created for Distrito AR, all of them followed the same user experience under the following structure:
  1. Scanning of the corresponding QR code
  2. Redirection to the web site to access the experience.
  3. Explanation of the operation and instructions of the experience
  4. Use of the device's camera and scanning of the real environment
  5. Introduction of virtual elements with Augmented Reality
  6. Realization of the interactive dynamics of the experience

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