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SOMOS is a group of event and strategic communication agencies whose quality and excellence is backed by more than 30 years of experience connecting brands with people. Its commitment to forming a multidisciplinary team brimming with creativity, innovation and collaboration has enabled it to generate unique experiences for brands and companies of the calibre of Telefónica, as in this case.


To turn the 1000 m2 of Telefónica's stand at MWC 2023 into a true Hyper-experience combining physical and virtual elements using Mixed Reality.


Inmersive Technologies

The extended stand, a window to the future

MWC 2023, held in Barcelona, was the stage chosen by Telefónica to unfold its vision of the future. A future forged through evolution and innovation driven by technologies such as 5G and cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality and digital twins. For this reason, Telefónica presented a stand that challenged the limits of reality and imagination. A stand that was not simply a physical space, but a portal to a universe of technological possibilities and an open window to the future that awaits us.

In this way, its presence at MWC 2023, with a stand of more than 1000m2, was intended to reinforce its commitment to innovation and its position as a key exponent in the technological development of the future. Thus, to make up the entire technological integration, SOMOS Experiences, which was in charge of the conceptualisation and assembly of the stand, decided to add the value of Hyperexperience and rely on the technological expertise of DeuSens to provide Telefónica's stand with the latest developments in immersive technologies.


Use of Mixed Reality in Telefónica's Extended Stand

The main attraction of the Telefónica stand was undoubtedly the innovative Mixed Reality solution developed to merge the real and virtual worlds. Using a Hololens 2 device, users could visualise and interact with immersive content that, integrated in a totally realistic way into the physical space, managed to maximise the visitor's experience at the stand.

In this way, the Hiperexperiencia was designed to guide the user through the entire stand using Aura, Telefónica's virtual assistant. When passing through the interactive points of the stand, the solution detected the corresponding marker and allowed the user to interact with virtual elements, such as a piano, or to visualise detailed explanations of the demos on display, narrated by Telefónica's own professionals.

One of the greatest innovations achieved for this HyperExperience was the improvement in the persistence of the virtual objects in relation to the physical space of the stand, achieving greater precision despite having to develop for such a large space.


Innovative technology demonstrations

Within this framework, the Spanish multinational also dazzled visitors to its stand by including 5 tech demos which, under the slogan "Making things happen", showed how technological innovations could change our lives in different personal and professional fields in the future, with a special focus on the telecommunications sector, Industry 4.0, agriculture and the Metaverse:

  1. 3D holographic telepresence: Telefónica unveiled a revolutionary system that allowed visitors to become 3D avatars, through volumetric capture, to be transported into Virtual and Augmented Reality environments.

  2. Intelligent agriculture:The Smart Agro experience demonstrated how IoT technology and sensing can transform agriculture, improving the accuracy, management and traceability of the agricultural production process.

  3. Immersive experiences in Virtual Reality: Visitors had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a virtual Movistar city, where they could view exclusive content and learn about its products and services using a Meta Quest 2.

  4. Digital twin: Telefónica also presented the "Smart Industry" experience, which consisted of a digital twin demonstrating how technology can optimise and improve efficiency and productivity in Industry 4.0.

  5. 5G drones: The development of the first 5G-connected drone package delivery project in Spain was also demonstrated, which enabled the delivery of a package to a mobile pick-up point.


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