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FNAC is a leading French retail chain specialising in the sale of electronic, technological and cultural products, such as books and music, offering an enriching shopping experience where commerce, culture and technology converge.


Providing an immersive branding and gamified marketing experience that connects FNAC with the gamer community.



Gamified marketing for the 30th anniversary of FNAC

With 240 million monthly players, Fornite has positioned itself as a meeting place for gamers and Gen Z since its appearance in 2017. On the other hand, parkour games, despite seeming "simple", have always had a challenging proposal that combines skill and precision, combining replayability and competitiveness that has always positioned them among the most popular for video game lovers.

And so, we combined these two trends to create this Hiperexperiencia for FNAC, which consisted of a map in Fortnite, commemorating the opening of its first point of sale in Spain, 30 years ago, in which the objective of the users was to reach the top by going through different areas themed with products sold by the retailer, thus introducing a marketing strategy in Fornite that encapsulates a unique immersive branding.

Fortnite branded content strategy

The task FNAC set us was clear and challenging: to create a map that would test the player's skill and patience, with only a select few able to reach the goal. The end result was a map that challenged gamers and pushed their skill and precision to the limit.

This project allowed us to creatively merge the FNAC universe with the vibrant world of Fornite, designing a map that reflected the FNAC brand identity. The map was divided into different zones representing sections of FNAC shops, where players had to run, move and jump between books, music equipment, home appliances, consoles and video games and computer devices, among other FNAC products.

The gameplay, while simple in theory, was challenging in practice. Fortnite's own mechanics provided the tools and possibilities, but the map design dictated the challenge, where jumping accuracy was crucial to progress.

Viralisation and reach with influencer marketing 

The reception from launch was exceptional, with the community highlighting the complexity and originality of the level. The promotion strategy through an influencer marketing campaign raised the visibility of the project and strengthened the connection between FNAC, Fortnite and the gaming community.

Among the influencers selected for the campaign were some of the most influential and followed Spanish-speaking influencers, such as SujaGG, MateoZ, Recuerd0p, Miguelillo_RL and Dutygameplays.

This Fortnite collaboration not only allowed FNAC to celebrate its 30th anniversary in Spain in an innovative and engaging way, but also positioned the brand in the heart of the gaming community, a passionate and engaged audience. "The FNAC of Only Up" was a testament to FNAC's commitment to innovation and creative interaction with its audience, using marketing to create a memorable brand experience and extending its reach to new audiences.



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