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Generate an immersive web experience to promote Benneton's #joinSisterland campaign and its 3 new fragrances.



A new way to connect with the public

In order to connect with the female audience, United Colors of Bennetton made a big bet with the launch of a new collection of fragrances under the name 'SISTERLAND', accompanied by the campaign #joinSISTERLAND in which they encouraged the public to join their new community where "you can be part of a friendship inclusive, powerful, empathetic, deep and authentic".
To promote this new range of fragrances and the SISTERLAND community they thought of creating an immersive experience that was devised, designed, and co-created by the DeuSens team and the Murph agency.

Virtual Tour 360, maximum freedom and interaction on the web

With the intention of making this experience accessible to all the public, the realization consisted of a virtual tour as a 360º tour in web format. In this way, accessing from any device with Internet connection and through any web browser, the user entered the virtual world created with the aim of being a showroom in which to learn about the new Benneton fragrances, as well as watch corporate videos that reinforced the user experience and enhanced the image of the client's brand.

Compared to previous 360º virtual tours, this immersive experience allows the user to move freely, to any location and not only to predefined points. In addition, all interactions with the different elements of the virtual space were carried out in a simple way, since all actions could be done by a mouse click.

Use of technology in the promotion of new products

Once again, with this new HyperExperience, we have made clear the benefits of using technology and implementing it in the creative processes of companies to enhance the brand image, generate new experiences for users and manage to awaken the WOW effect among the public.
These new immersive 3D 360º experiences, both in web format and Virtual Reality, represent a new way of transmitting the brand's image and values to users, introducing them into a virtual world, tailor-made and 100% corporate, in which they can also show products, make presentations and events and even sell these products as if it were an ecommerce.
An example of a virtual world that can be considered a precursor and seed of what will be the future metaverse, which is beginning to be glimpsed in DeuSens, already counting on elements and functionalities that will be essential to turn the concept into a reality.

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