Interactive Photocall AR | Aragón, Noble Food Campaign




Project carried out for our partner HMY and the Association of Food Industries of Aragon, during their campaign "Aragon, noble food: what you see, is".


Dynamize and gamify the campaign, attracting the public's attention to the Aragonese products promoted.


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Aragon, Noble Foods - Betting on the homeland

Our interactive photocall AR, FunMirror, returned to the scene to energize the Aragon, Noble Foods campaign! This campaign was a bet of the government of Aragon to make visible and promote the consumption of the most prestigious foods that are produced in our land. As a complement to the generic promotional activity, the Association of Food Industries of Aragon decided to carry out a promotional campaign focused on actions at the point of sale, counting on the collaboration of our partner HMY to carry it out, providing its great experience in PLV and its ability to adapt and innovate in the retail industry.
Under the slogan "what you see, is", the promotion of this campaign, which took place in more than 2,000 establishments throughout Spain, aimed discover to the world the figures of differentiated quality of more than 40 Aragonese food products, as recognized as the ham of Teruel, the ternasco of Aragon, the wine of Cariñena, the onion of Fuentes de Ebro or the peach of Calanda, and many others such as borage, rice, sausage, oil or cheese.

FunMirror - Our contribution to the campaign

To dynamize the Aragón, Alimentos Nobles campaign, HMY decided to count on our technological solutions, and that is how we put into operation one of our most fun Hyperexperiences, our interactive photocall AR, FunMirror. Developed by DeuSens and Tecco, it is an interactive photocall that through Augmented Reality allows users to modify its aesthetics, adding accessories or costumes, modeled in 3D, and take different photos with a touch of humor, as well as play mini-games.
The main idea, consisted in attracting the attention of customers and having them pose in the photocall to take pictures and end up sharing the experience on social networks, favoring the viralization of the campaign. It is a tool that is as intuitive as it is surprising, attracting the attention of the public with its spectacular visual section and also being very versatile by being able to modify and customize the elements shown on screen thanks to Augmented Reality. This makes it very adaptable to any possible project whatever the context.

How exactly does it work?

The FunMirror has a front camera and by means of body recognition technology generates a model of the people it detects in front of the camera. It then adds the costumes or accessories, adjusting them very naturally and realistically to the body model of each person. In this particular case, the photocall had 6 different costumes; the baker, the grape harvester, the wine taster, the shepherd, the ham cutter and the truffle hunter, all of them trying to represent the wide spectrum of Aragonese food promoted by the campaign.
The costumes were appearing and were randomly assigned to the people present at the photocall, prompting people to repeat and take more photos if they wanted to have photos with several different costumes. After the photos were taken, they could be obtained via a QR code, printed on the screen, or by entering an e-mail address to which they were sent instantly. In addition, there was also the option to share them directly on social networks.

Bringing extra value through gamification

To give greater visibility to the high quality of Aragonese food and attract the attention of the public, this FunMirror had also a competitive mini-game, in which you could participate individually or in pairs, and which aimed to turn the Aragonese food promotion area into a hot spot within the commercial establishment, inciting consumers to discover the promoted products through the gamification process. The game consisted in catching the different Aragonese foods that appeared on the screen, from different angles and at different speeds, introducing them into a virtual shopping basket that will be assigned to one of the players' hands.
Therefore, by moving their hand, they had to place the basket under the objects so that they would fall into it and score points. In this way it was intended to attract both the oldest and the youngest members of the family, managing to encourage competitiveness, increasing the flow of consumers who approached due to the curiosity and surprise generated by this FunMirror, and improve engagement, generating in the consumer, a different experience that left a memory in his mind associated with the campaign of Aragon, Alimentos Nobles.

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