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Showing the community's support for Carlos Sainz through an interactive 3D website showing a virtual recreation of the Audi RS Q e-tron.


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Audi on the Dakar 2024: innovation with Carlos Sainz

Audi has always been known for its commitment to technology, always seeking to offer the best to its drivers. For the Dakar 2024, Audi took the decision to support Carlos Sainz in a unique way: by collecting comments of support from his fans, made via Instagram, on his own race car. An initiative that sought to strengthen the connection between the driver and his community of fans. 

To realise this innovative idea, Audi relied on the agency DDB Spain and DeuSens Hyperexperience to carry out the comprehensive development of an interactive 3D website that would display the supportive comments of his fans on a virtual car modelled in 3D. This approach highlighted Audi's fusion of innovation and design, celebrating and showcasing the passion, commitment and support of the Carlos Sainz fan community.

What did this interactive 3D website consist of?

In order to make a mark and reflect the positive energy of all the Madrid driver's fans, we needed to go outside the box. And to achieve this, we chose to develop a 3D website that offered a free and dynamic user experience, based on scrolling events. Our team designed a hyper-realistic quality 3D model of Carlos Sainz's Audi RS Q e-tron for the Dakar 2024, which we integrated into the website using Three.js. 
In addition, we were also responsible for generating an automated system to collect and filter the more than 10000 comments in support of the driver on Audi's two Instagram posts. These comments were innovatively incorporated into the interactive website, reflected in different areas of the car's bodywork. In this way, we turned the website into an interactive gallery of support and enthusiasm where users could search for their own comment and see where it would be placed on the real car through our virtual model.

Bringing together technology and social media community

The main objective was to generate a campaign of support for Carlos Sainz, involving the public and making them participate in a more interactive way, becoming a meeting point for the community of followers, where they could interact and be part of the race towards the Dakar 2024.
In addition, the Audi brand's pillars of excellence and elegance were reflected in a secondary way, showcasing the innovative features and technologies that the Audi RS Q e-tron incorporated for this new edition of the Dakar rally and highlighting the innovative spirit of Audi. 
This project has set a new standard in interactive and participatory marketing, strengthening the connection between Audi, Carlos Sainz and his fans.

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