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SOMOS is a group of event and strategic communication agencies whose quality and excellence is backed by more than 30 years of experience connecting brands with people. Its commitment to forming a multidisciplinary team brimming with creativity, innovation and collaboration has allowed it to generate unique experiences for brands and companies of the caliber of Kiehl's, as in this case.


Provide Kielh's showroom in Madrid with the latest interactive technologies to innovate in the way of showing its products and enhance the experiential element of the visit.


Interactive Solutions

The technological section of the Kiehl's Showroom

On the occasion of the presentation of its first national television advertising campaign in Spain, Kiehl's, the brand specialized in facial, body and hair care and treatment products with more than 170 years of experience, decided to hold a series of exclusive events in Madrid among which included the development of a spectacular showroom, to which they invited hundreds of national and international celebrities and influencers who passed through it for 4 consecutive days.
Our role in this project was to provide support and development, as technology specialists, to the SOMOS Experiences team in charge of setting up the showroom. In this case, the intention was to highlight notably the technological section of the showroom, pretending that each of the passes made had a high experiential character, while showing, in addition, the properties and benefits of the products of the Kiehl's brand.
Thus, in the project we were in charge of developing the following solutions:
  • An interactive touch table with object recognition technology
  • An Augmented Reality Interactive Wall using a Kinect Azure
  • The development of a Quiz game that included a system of tablet controllers and LED lights
  • An Augmented Reality filter for the social networks Instagram and TikTok

Interactive table with object recognition

Also known as Object Recognition Table, this was an interactive table that had a multitouch touch function and was programmed by the DeuSens team to give it the ability to recognize certain objects when they were placed on its surface.
This is how the interactive table was able to display different types of content and information depending on the object the table recognized on its surface, including detecting rotations or movements of the object afterwards.
The main objective of this solution was the to show the specific information demanded by the user in a different way and also to enhance the experiential section of the visit through the use of a technology little explored and known by most users.

Body recognition using a Kinect Azure

To promote another of their star products, we developed a Kinect Wall in one of the showroom rooms. This installation consisted of a large format screen next to a Kinect Azure camera. In the large format screen, a background content with a smoke effect was shown. This content became interactive when the users positioned themselves in front of the placed camera, so that the movement of the users generated the same movement in the smoke that could be seen on the screen.
This was possible thanks to the development made that, through the body recognition functions of the installed Kinect Azure, detected the users that were placed in front of the screen and activated the beginning of the Hyperexperience. At that moment, using Augmented Reality, digital content was introduced, superimposed on the background video, which reacted to the movements of the users in front of the installation.

Educational quiz with tablet controllers and LED lights

Another of the Hyperexperiences created for the Kiehl's showroom in Madrid was the design of a mini quiz game, which by asking users questions about facial, body and hair care and treatment, not only tested their knowledge, but unconsciously gave them tips and advice on these issues, incorporating Kiehl's products during the process.
The installation created for this mini Quiz game consisted of 4 totems incorporating a tablet on which users could view and answer questions. These totems were connected to a system of LED lights that lit up white or orange depending on whether the answer was correct or incorrect, generating atmosphere and fun moments among the invited influencers with the successes or failures of their peers.

Augmented Reality Filter for Instagram and TikTok

One of the keys to Kiehl's strategy to give visibility to this campaign was to leverage its connection with influencers and celebrities around the world and invite them to the showroom passes created in Madrid
Thinking that all of them would have a simple way to share the experience with their followers on social networks and also give visibility to the Kiehl's brand, they commissioned us to develop this Augmented Reality filter, both for Instagram and TikTok, so that when using it in their stories all followers would see the brand's logo and slogan.

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