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Promote Coca-Cola Fan Store products using Augmented Reality virtual testers.


Interactive Products

DeuSens present at the Coca-Cola Music Experience 2021

The eleventh edition of the Coca-Cola Music Experience Festival was held on September 4th. This new edition, held in person at the IFEMA Madrid venue and virtually in streaming format, featured more than 7 hours of live music with artists such as Sebastián Yatra, Nicki Nicole, Tini, Ana Mena or Cepeda, among others.
Our participation in the Festival took place hand in hand with the agency IntroMethod and partner agencies, creating two virtual testers of clothes, glasses and other merchandising of the Coca-Cola Fan Store, which were placed in a stand next to the stage area.

Virtual fitting rooms, what did they consist of?

Using a technology similar to that of our famous interactive photocall, FunMirror, we created these virtual fitting rooms that allowed event attendees to see how different Coca-Cola Fan Store garments and accessories, such as T-shirts, pants, sweatshirts, glasses or caps, looked on them. These virtual fitting rooms were used as a promotional method to publicize this merchandising that can be purchased on their website.
These virtual fitting rooms were composed of a large 80-inch touch screen in vertical position and a Kinect Azure camera. Through this camera we captured the user's image that was transmitted and displayed on the touch screen. Subsequently using the touch function of the screen, the user decided which product to try on, and through Augmented Reality and body recognition technology was "dressed" with the product chosen.
Great part of our work prior to the festival was to make the 3D modeling of all the garments, accessories and products to be used in the virtual fitting room in order to integrate them through Augmented Reality and get that the user could "try them on" by being reflected on the touch screen.

Augmented Reality and its infinite possibilities

Once again, Augmented Reality is a technology with multiple applications and a place in practically any company. Its use endows companies with new tools and creative possibilities to continue doing the same as always but in more innovative and surprising ways for the public.
In this particular case, the use of Augmented Reality in these virtual fitting rooms generated a new stimulus for attendees who were surprised by the operation of this solution, in addition to the fact that it worked perfectly as a method of promoting merchandising products.

Are you interested in learning more in detail about the operation of our FunMirror? It is an interactive photocall with Augmented Reality that allows you to introduce 3D elements in the photos and videos of the attendees. The ultimate solution to dynamize all kinds of events, fairs and campaigns!

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