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HMY is the international leader in global services with 360º vision and innovation for retail. A company specialized in engineering, manufacturing and assembly of retail furniture, offering concept & design services, site & project management, value engineering, as well as technological and lighting solutions.


Use Virtual Reality to optimize the assembly of commercial spaces and show the final result in an immersive way.


Inmersive Technologies

From concept to the real world

HMY Group, the retail equipment multinational, decided to bet on Virtual Reality as a new way to present its projects. Thus, the international leader in design and equipment of commercial spaces and specialist in marketing solutions at the point of sale, turned again to DeuSens to make it possible relying on its highly specialized technological expertise in Virtual Reality technology.

The objective of HMY Group was to create pleasant shopping experiences focused on the consumer. The multinational wanted to turn its sales area into an attractive and innovative space for any type of customer. On the other hand, it also sought to develop a business that put the focus on the customer experience and adapted as much as possible to the customer.

Technological solutions tailored to the problem

On this occasion, HMY Group bet on the potential of Virtual Reality to show its customers the future commercial spaces and points of sale, both in the assembly of stores or complete establishments and individual products or POS, in the pre-construction phase. This is how HMY wanted to include this technology in the construction-manufacturing sector, influencing several fundamental factors and processes in the creation of commercial spaces, such as proportion, scale and the location of each of the elements.

For example, when designing a supermarket, the height of the gondolas, the space between shelves, the width of the shelves... must be taken into account so that each element fits perfectly like the pieces of a puzzle. In addition, the proportion of the elements in relation to the consumers is also very important, since users entering the store must be able to reach any product comfortably and easily. These risks could pose problems in the future, and for this reason Grupo HMY thought that introducing Virtual Reality in the process would help avoid them as much as possible in their future projects. And that's where the Virtual Hyperexperience came in, to help solve them.

Designing, visualizing and creating in the virtual world

Through this Virtual Reality Hyperexperience, HMY was able to introduce its client to what would be its future commercial space, and allow them to appreciate every detail, in the first phase of the project prior to the construction of the space, giving them a margin of maneuver that they would not otherwise have.

In addition, the reliability and realism achieved during the virtual design process and later in the Virtual Reality viewing, was so high that the client could appreciate exactly the final result as and as it had been designed. In this way, alternating the virtual space designed by HMY and the 360º photography of the space already built, it was possible to appreciate the precision, accurate to the millimeter, with which the multinational transformed design into reality, demonstrating the fidelity of its experience in the assembly of stores.

Technology as the engine of progress

The assembly and construction of stores and other spaces, for example, found in Virtual Reality the No. 1 ally on which to rely to streamline design processes and avoid visualization problems.

On the one hand, Grupo HMY used this Virtual Reality Hyperexperience as a powerful sales tool, showing the project to its client in a unique way that is even more accurate and reliable than traditional ones. On the other hand, thanks to this tool he managed to carry out the constructions with the guarantees that the final result was going to be as it was designed. The proportions, the scale, the position or the place that each element is going to occupy in the space were no longer problems that HMY professionals faced daily thanks to our Virtual Hyperexperience.

This was the strong point of this immersive communication, introducing the user into the brand, the product, the content, informing him as never before and making him live a unique experience that revalued the brand image. If Virtual Reality allowed HMY to eliminate these possible errors and differentiate itself from its competition by betting on innovation as its hallmark, why wouldn't it continue to rely on this technology?



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