Interactive Products

Over the years, we have been able to concentrate our know-how on these packaged solutions, the development of which covers a specific market need, thus speeding up times as they are projects that can be quickly adapted and serviced.

Spatial Computing

Spatial Computing has emerged as a revolution in technology, transforming the way we interact with devices and the digital environment.

This innovative technology combines data from the physical world with immersive scenarios, enabling natural interactions through gestures, eye movements and voice commands.

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The latest technological advances have allowed us to join the next digital revolution with the creation of virtual environments in the Metaverse.

We have created our own technology to combine the development of 3D virtual environments with tokenisation and blockchain technology, with the aim of providing a new interactive and sensory Hyperexperience for users.

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The definitive solution to dynamise events, trade fair stands, points of sale or campaigns with our interactive photocall that uses Augmented Reality to surprise and attract the public's attention.

A fun solution to highlight the corporate image of companies and improve lead acquisition, while attendees take away an indelible memory associated with the brand.

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Alice Assistant

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence we have developed a virtual assistant that is able to hold human conversations in real time.

Alice is designed to automate the relationship with customers at events or at the point of sale, offering information or resolving doubts.

It can also help in other types of monitoring processes, assisting users independently, without the constant need for human personnel.

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Alice Assistant

Alice AR

The Augmented Reality tool for commercial teams that allows any product to be brought to life in real space.

This solution enhances the work of sales teams and facilitates sales, providing them with an interactive catalogue with which they can show products in 3D, at any time and place, using only a Smartphone or Tablet.

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Online Events

We generate the networking that online events need!

Our Online Events bring together hundreds of clients, suppliers, or prescribers in a fully customisable virtual world, where they can interact as they would in a face-to-face event, but from the comfort of their own home, saving time and costs.

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