Augmented Reality for Business | How to Apply it Successfully

Augmented Reality for Business | How to Apply it Successfully

Augmented Reality has ceased to be, for companies, an emerging technology, becoming a fully consolidated technology. This means that more and more companies are betting on its use, being able to take advantage of the new world of possibilities it brings.

What is Augmented Reality?

Let's start with the basics. The Augmented Reality is one of the so-called immersive technologies, also included in the so-called Extended Reality.

What does it consist of? It consists of enriching our reality using virtual elements that are created and displayed using compatible computer systems, such as a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, for example. Thus, the user perceives the superposition of both worlds, the real and the virtual. And despite seeing the combination of both worlds, the user is still aware of both and able to interact freely with them.

Augmented Reality is considered a very versatile technology, due to the way it shows virtual content, and the way it allows interaction with it. All this makes it a technology with a niche in the day-to-day life of virtually any company, whatever its business sector.

example of using augmented reality on a tablet

Why should companies invest in Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the most democratized immersive technology today. This is because it can be used through Augmented Reality applications and we only need a compatible device, such as our own smartphones.

In addition, unlike other immersive technologies, Augmented Reality seeks collective and shared experiences, allowing users, through its use, to receive more information from the world around us.

Finally, Augmented Reality has many applications in different fields. The most interesting ones are; learning, experiential communication, operator training, information guides, technological assistance, geolocation, marketing, Industry 4.0, sales, interactive advertising... Its possibilities are endless!

What are the ways to apply Augmented Reality?

The use of Augmented Reality is becoming more and more accessible. So much so that it is the only one of the immersive technologies whose use occurs only through our own smartphones. In addition, advances in recent years have meant that we can currently make use of Augmented Reality in two different ways:

  • Make use of this technology through an Augmented Reality mobile app.
  • Make use of this technology through Web Augmented Reality.

The former allows you to get the most out of it but requires an external software download. Meanwhile, the second can be viewed from any web browser without the need for external downloads, but its quality is somewhat lower.

Examples and uses of Augmented Reality in companies

As we have already mentioned above, the uses of Augmented Reality are very varied, being a technology capable of adapting to multiple problems, depending on the need, the type of company and the sector of activity.

It is a technology that awakens the creativity of all those who try it, and more and more companies are finding new uses and new ways to take advantage of it.

For this reason, to inspire you and also so you can see with your own eyes that it is true, here are some examples of the use of Augmented Reality for companies:

Showing hyper-realistic simulations of products or objects:

This application is valid for virtually any type of business. This use of Augmented Reality is fully integrable in B2B companies, giving support to the sales team in presentations or sales meetings, as well as in B2C companies, being able to show the end customer, at the point of sale, what the product looks like and exactly how it will look like.

In addition, the level of detail that can be achieved is simply spectacular, as we can see in the following example, captured using 360º photogrammetry and subsequently modeled in 3D.

Thanks to Augmented Reality we can also check how exactly any object would look like in real life, as you can see in this video using our Augmented Reality app, Alice AR. In this case, our Augmented Reality app has a multitude of uses, from visualization of objects for POS campaigns, as well as space decoration, preparation of digital signage or even industry 4.0 applications.

Impressing audiences in product presentations:

In both face-to-face and virtual online product presentations, using Augmented Reality to preview the product (without the need to have the product in physical form), has become a trend more and more companies are doing.

example of using augmented reality to display industrial products
how to use augmented reality to recreate products in 3D

In addition, another great utility is that the use of this technology surprises and generates greater brand impact, usually achieving the very well-known WOW effect among the public. In this example you can see it perfectly:

Dynamize campaigns or events with an Interactive Photocall:

How to give a distinctive and fun touch to a marketing campaign or event? By using an interactive AR photocall. This is the case of our FunMirror, with which everyone is impressed and brings out the child in you.

example of using augmented reality to create an interactive photocall
funmirror, the interactive photocall that uses augmented reality to take fun photos

Learn more about FunMirror

Bringing products to life through 3D animations:

What company wouldn't want to bring their products to life and impress their customers? Well, Augmented Reality allows us to do so, being able to implement formulas such as storytelling to the products or add any animation you can imagine. Undoubtedly a very interesting formula to differentiate yourself from the rest and manage to stay in the customer's mind.

Improve the customer experience using virtual testers:

Finally, virtual fitting rooms are a great solution to streamline the buying process and allow customers to visualize how some products such as clothes, glasses, earrings, watches or even makeup would look on them.

A solution that can also be tremendously useful for the e-commerce sector, by allowing customers to try on products from the purchase website itself, before making the purchase, reducing that fear that some users have of online shopping.

Now that you know some of the most interesting ways to apply Augmented Reality in your company, you can start using it to differentiate yourself from the competition, surprise customers andgenerate that indelible memory in their minds that will keep you as a reference in the sector.

If you want to know more examples of how to apply Augmented Reality in your company, we recommend you take a look at our portfolio. In it you can discover new uses of Augmented Reality, in multiple sectors, that will surely inspire you for your next project.

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